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  1. Which approach for time aligning speakers.

    REW Forum
    Hi, I have seen that there are numerous questions on time aligning speakers and there seem to be several approaches to this. Some of these approaches aren't really clear to me and some don't usually work well for the subwoofers. Can someone clarify if the acoustic timing signal can be used for...
  2. Sony's New Approach to Product Development: Future Lab Program

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Sony Electronics recently announced a new R&D initiative aimed at bringing consumers closer to the development process. This is an interesting move for a company within an industry that typically likes to hold its new product development cards close to the chest. Dubbed the "Future Lab Program,"...
  3. Some Advice on my Acoustic Treatment Approach

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I have been reading a lot and i mean a lot of stuff about acoustic treatment, and i am pretty much got the complete idea on how to treat such HT. However, some advice from experts is really appreciated to clear some confusion in my understanding. 1- I know fiberglass 703 2" is properly one of...
  4. XTZ Sound Takes a New Approach to Better Sounding Headphones

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Founded in 2004, the Swedish brand XTZ Sound has built a solid reputation as a speaker and subwoofer manufacturer, but they also offer other products including amplifiers, room analyzing equipment, and earbuds. A hallmark of the company is price for performance, and design elements of their...
  5. How should I approach using REW for analyzing my home studio control room?

    REW Forum
    I bought a miniDSP UMIK-1 and downloaded the Beta version of REW. I am thoroughly impressed. I am a mechanical engineer and have a somewhat decent understand of acoustics. I do quite a bit of noise testing on large machinery so I am somewhat familiar with at least the basics. My goal is to use...
  6. Headphone Roundup - Overview, Methodologies, and Scorecard

    Headphones | Head Gear
    Headphone Roundup - Overview, Methodologies, and Scorecard by Wayne Myers AudiocRaver Scorecard Note: If the following tables do not fit in your browser window, use Ctrl+"-" ("Control" and "minus" keys together) to step their size smaller. Use Ctrl+"+" to step larger, Ctrl+"0" to return to...
  7. Thoughts on Outlaw's K.I.S.S. approach.

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Outlaw audio released a new low cost 7.1 AV Preamp. Here is a review: http://hometheaterreview.com/outlaw-audio-model-975-71-av-surround-sound-processor-reviewed/ I tend to agree that there is a lot of redundancy with features. e.g. I have Netflix on 5 different devices. But I am more likely...
  8. Management of Measurements: An Approach

    REW Forum
    After using REW for a while it became clear that there are a lot of mdat files generated. When one looks at measuring in a controlled way it soon becomes difficult to determine which files to load when referring back to a previous measurement. REW has some good features in this regard. In...
  9. Different approach to room equalization?

    REW Forum
    Hi I've been reading the article written by David Griesinger "SPACIOUSNESS AND LOCALIZATION IN LISTENING ROOMS -HOW TO MAKE COINCIDENT RECORDINGS SOUND AS SPACIOUS AS SPACED MICROPHONE ARRAYS" and came across this idea: "... In fact, we may be using our two channel room equalizers in the...
  10. Comcast's HD VOD selections continue to approach infinity, or at least 3,000

    It's time for your yearly Comcast Project Infinity video on-demand update: It's ramping up to 11,000 different movies available, with 3,000 in HD (up from 1,000 back in October '08) and that infrastructure upgrade we'd heard about should mean even more on the way. CEO Brian Roberts just...
  11. Suggestions for my phased approach

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    So I think I've figured out how I'm going to piece together the HT. I'm going to reuse some old stuff I have lying around the house, and buy just the front speakers, projector, screen, and tactile transducers for now. Goals 1. Crystal clear fidelity 2. Outstanding picture quality 3. Stay on...
  12. What approach is acoustically preferred

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I am replacing inceiling speakers with floor speakers in the HT. Can I leave the speakers in the ceiling while using floor standing speakers or should I remove them and repair the dry wall ceiling? Acoustically does it make a difference ? Dwight
  13. Need new speakers not sure on approach

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hello to all I need your help I have a dedicated home theater and want to replace speakers not sure about the approach. My existing in ceiling speakers need to be replaced either with inwall or floor speakers. I find during movie dialogue the voices have an echo effect ie sounds like talking...
  14. Taken a different approach with FBQ2496

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Any thoughts on using it as a simple way of toning down the dialogue bleed though which hasn’t been a huge issue just a lousy high pass filter on the Eltax A 12-R or maybe I listen to much? I’ve eliminated the filters for its other use same with the other sub that’s used for LFE.1 or if I like...