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  1. Panasonic AR100U

    Home Theater Projectors
    Just got it two days ago and I gotta say...WOW!! Five years ago I bought the AX200U and thought that thing was amazing. I went through 3 bulbs (9438 hrs) and about a month ago I finally burned out the polarizer. Sooo after a month of looking at a yellow smear in the man-cave with the boys (wife...
  2. Panasonic PT AR100U screen paint recomendations

    DIY Screens
    My wife and I have decided on the Panasonic projector for our theater/entertainment room. Our room is 15 x 18 and dark blue with a white ceiling that is 8' high and white trim with beige carpet. It will be used 50/50 movies and sports so we feel a gray screen will be best considering the...