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  1. Mitsubishi
    What is causing this pisture distortion?
  2. Video Calibration
    I know there's a thread like this at avs, but we might as well have one here as well for our members. This is for certified professionals only - no comments. Comments will be removed. Company Name Location Areas of Service/Specialty Anything else you'd like to add ***No links***
  3. REW Forum
    HI, I have a couple questions about measuring studio proper areas. It seems that you would take several readings with the speaker and mic in various positions because, unlike a control room, the sound source position would vary. But are there some specific places that one should place the...
  4. Care Chapel
    Please take a moment to say prayers for our friends in Japan and other areas affected by 8.9 earthquake and tsunami. This is the worst earthquake recorded in that area ever and estimates are at least 1000 people are dead or missing with that number expected to rise.
  5. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    How can I place 2 subs to have more of my room filled with bass...am planning on building a second sonosub but am not sure where to place it....I currently have one in the left corner of my room:dontknow:
  6. Home Audio Acoustics
    OK, so I think I'm ready to begin tackling room treatments and acoustics....but I'm still a newb in training and since this place is chalk full of information and people who have "been there and done that" : I need some advice/opinions/suggestions! I hope you like pictures....cuz I love em...
  7. SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    I've got the newer Radio Shack digital SPL meter. When I was testing with REW today, I noticed that certain areas of my room gave off gnarly feedback. I think "feedback" is the right word. It sounds like a continuous ~50-80hz tone that gradually gets louder until it's fairly loud. The sound...