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  1. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    Selling my Avalanche 18. It has been used in a 30" sonotube for the past 2 years and was bought new by me. Works and sounds perfect. Asking $250.00. I do have the sono if anyone is interested, however that will be for local pickup only. Will ship the Avalanche. Buyer pays shipping, paypal add 3%
  2. Home Audio Subwoofers
    Hello guys, what's up? :) I will put a havoc and behringer ep 2500 in my movie-house. But, what is better, plate amp or ep 2500? And what version should I get, 1 or 2ohm?
  3. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    SOLD SOLD SOLD For sale is a pair of used 15” Ascendant Audio Atlas Subwoofers. These subs are used and in good working order. I used them in an IB setup off of a US Acoustics USB-4085. They are a little dusty and the foam surrounds have a few light scuffs, but no tears. Here is a little...
  4. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    SOLD SOLD SOLD I’ve got a pair of 15” Ascendant Audio Avalache Subwoofers. These are real nice and clean. I used them in my home theater. Each in a 3.5ft^3 box tuned to 28Hz driven off a Behringer EP2500 amp. These will be shipped in a crate similar to what they came in from Ascendant Audio...
  5. Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    Motor and basket is an Avalanche and the soft parts are from Fi. Parameters should still be the same as the original Avalanche. I am upgrading from a Mach5 MJ18-M. I will be building a 11 cuft net box tuned to 17hz with a single 6" aeroport. I still haven't figure out if I will port on the...
  6. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    i just bought this on here about a month ago, things came up so here it is 15" D2 Ascendant Audio Avalanche. xbl^2 motor, great SQ, 800 RMS, 10/10 working, 9/10 cosmetic it has a few scratches on the cone but once again you have to look to find them, the chrome on the motor is flawless...
  7. Members DIY Subwoofer Database
    Ascendant Audio Owner-"jazzscreamer" 10" Arsenal - 3 cu.ft. (85 Liters) tuned to 21 hz. http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/diy-subwoofers/18381-dual-10-subs-ht.html Owner-"pocoloco" 15" Avalanche - 7 cu.ft. (198 Liters) tuned to 19 hz...
  8. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    i need another 15" but i will buy any size. i know someone on here has one that isn't being used and i will pay good money just bought the one from southworth, so he can be my reference. thanks, chris
  9. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    Ascendant Audio Avalanche 15 Driver- SOLD SOLD SOLD Up for sale is my AVA 15 subwoofer driver which is in exellent condition both physically and functionally. If you are aware of the legend behind the XBL^2 driver offerings from Ascendant Audio then you know that this is a quality unit that was...
  10. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    I have a Ascendant Audio Avalance 18 in excellent condition. I will eventually include photos but it is currently housed in approximately 6 cubic ft. enclosure built with 3/4" MDF (with the baffle being 1.5" thick and I believe even the back is 1.5" thick and with ample bracing). The eclosure...
  11. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hey guys. I got an 18" Havoc (new version) and I'm planning to do it in about 12-14 cubes (undecided) to about 15hz or so. It will be powered by an EP2500 bridged so plenty of power to boot. I will be starting it soon and will take pictures throughout the process.
  12. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi guys, nice forum :) I'm planning on building a subwoofer for my home theater (surround sound only). In my country I can get the Ascendant Audio chaos 15" in a relatively good price but only in the dual 2ohms version. To order the SDX15 will cost about 50% more. I have a crown CSL800 amp that...
  13. Mobile Audio
    I haven't checked in a while, so this may be new news, may be old.... But the new site is up! I gotta say, if I could get a D1 Mayhem 18" with 1 soft progressive roll... I wonder if I could get sub-20Hz Fs! :D But if not, I may just still have to go with the counterpart Fi 22" :D I been...
  14. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Here you go, some leaked pictures of new Ascendant Audio drivers. Looks very promising, especially those havoc drivers. :devil: http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=9881
  15. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Does anyone have or know of anyone who has an AV15 or 18 in good condition, I've been looking everywhere and would be very greatful, thanks.
1-15 of 15 Results