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  1. ATC SCM-19 v2 speakers

    Home Audio Speakers
    I apparently was a good boy and received some ATC SCM-19 v2 speakers over the holidays. Maybe my whining paid off? These replaced my long serving B&W LCR 6 speakers that I was using as fronts. I still have one as my center channel, letting Audyssey deal with the timbre issues, if any, for...
  2. 12 or 15 sub for use with ATC speakers

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    Hello All! I'm looking to build either a 12" or 15" sealed box to use with ATC SCM20s - studio monitoring! This leads me (I believe) to the following requirements: Low group delay & THD Good extension (I'm not looking to rattle eyeballs though) No need for particularly high SPLs, although...
  3. ATC SCM40 Speakers

    Home Audio Speakers
    Yesterday, to my wallet's extreme misfortune, I heard the ATC SCM40 speakers at the Studio inside the Pearl Hotel Casino. While the 80 track control room was very impressive (in a look but don't touch way like the cockpit of a old 747 aircraft), it wasn't the highlight of the morning as I was...
  4. My First 3 Way build

    DIY Speakers
    Hello all, I am a new member to both Home Theater Shack and diy world and would like some input and suggestions on my first build. The components on this build are not the highest quality, and I do not expect the end product to equal those of thousands of times more expensive, however, it's my...