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    The New OTA TV 3.0 Standard With 4K is Now Official Yesterday at CES Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) today commemorated the achievement of a major milestone in TV history the official standards for OTA 3.0 TV. Our suite of ATSC 3.0 standards paves the way for a new kind of...
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    ATSC 2.0 expected to be voted on this year. It will enable over-the-air video-on-demand, online interactivity, push alerts to sleeping TVs, and the ability to watch two channels simultaneously on a single screen, among other functions. It will be compatible and continue to support the type of...
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    I thought that high definition broadcasts used a frame rate of 30fps, like NTSC, but from a few passing references, it looks like ATSC broadcasts are at 60fps. But after some looking around, I have not yet found much of any information as to what frame rate is used for ATSC. Sooooo, my question...