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  1. attempt at PN loudspeaker analysis (noob)

    REW Forum
    recently DIY speaker build, my first. so now want to take some measurements. i have a Roland Quad-Capture interface into computer and dayton EMM-6 microphone. put a loop back patch cable on input 1L and output 1L. Microphone into input 1R and speaker cable to output 1R. never could get the...
  2. First Attempt at Eq'ing Subs with MiniDSP - Graph Interpretation Help

    REW Forum
    Here is the first measurements I have made with my DSP. I ran two flat sweeps with no EQ. Then ran the EQ utility in REW and ran again. I'm seeing very little change. Thinking I could possibly be doing something wrong. I am running the sweep with the Main towers operation with a Xover at 100Hz...
  3. First attempt with REW and Umik-1, both my receiver and speaker died. Help please

    REW Forum
    Hi, After spending hours reading through many threads on this forum, I decided to give it a try with REW, hoping to somehow improve the sound in my theater. I just got my Umik-1 from Cross-Spectrum and played with it last night. I followed the instruction from minidsp on using the Umik-1 and...
  4. First attempt at correction

    REW Forum
    Hello everybody. I'm very new to all of this, I will do my best to be as precise as possible. I bought a NanoAVR HD in the hope to improve my systems sound. I've read a load of tutorials, which aren't always as clear, but still remain with alot of questions. I will go through the steps I took to...
  5. My first attempt

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    My name James I have bought 2x 18" mach5 2012 Christmas drivers Brand new I also have ep2000 Want to build two sealed sono subs any help is appreciated.
  6. So lost 1st attempt stuck on low level

    REW Forum
    So confused on REW - read the manuals, threads, etc. Have a UMM-6 Calibrated Mic with HDMI out on laptop to Onkyo 809. This is my first sweep...well 20th, but still 1st day. First issue is I keep getting LOW LEVELS when I test level prior to the sweep, even running at +1 on the AVR. Then I...
  7. my first attempt with rew

    REW Forum
    hello i just tried rew in my room and just i do not know here is the results http://www.flickr.com/photos/scandiskwindows9x/10987679053/ my room characteristics is a square room shape brick, plaster and ceiling of concrete
  8. 1st Attempt at EQ

    REW Forum
    I have read many of the articles here about BFD sub equalization. I have adopted Ayreonaut's house curve and added a low frequency roll off to protect my sub (Klipsch Sub-10). I still do not know much of what I am doing. I know that it is said not to add if you can help it but I do have a...
  9. 1st Attempt using REW and UMIK-1 to EQ Subwoofer

    REW Forum
    Hey All, Thanks in advance for reading through this and giving your input! Intro See my signature for associated equipment. Also, FYI, the UMC-200 only allows for 3 bands of PEQ settings for the subwoofer channel. Finding the best spot, and 1st measurement In my non-dedicated home theater...
  10. First Speaker attempt continued

    DIY Speakers
    So, yeah my med doctor recommended I should involve myself in a hobby. It would be a good complement to the meds, keep myself from getting so agitated, and distract me from the hallucinogenic side effects of the drugs he's giving me. Sooo, I unveil my Master Plan......... Behold My first...
  11. THT Subwoofer build. Should I attempt?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm brand new to this sight and have posted a couple of times but mostly just read. I've been reading a lot about the THT Sub and it sounds like a great project. I have the space, time, and help (an entire wood shop full of cabinet makers at work if necessary) to get something...
  12. First Speaker attempt

    DIY Speakers
    Hope everyone is fine and happy, covered in sawdust, smeared with glue, and wrapped in speaker wire. Let me tell you, I’ve always wanted to build a Linkwitz speaker ever since I saw his Phoenix design. However the lack of time and money, courage and such prevented me from attempting this...
  13. Waterfall Attempt

    REW Forum
    Well , ran the headphone output to the preamp input and this is the waterfall graph I came up with. Any help with interpretation? Looks quite the mess to me. 2 channel audio only system here. It was quite difficult to generate the graph, any technical tips?
  14. 1st test photo attempt

    Figuring out the size of the theater with green 2X6 layout.
  15. Attempt at at a Bass Trap

    Home Audio Acoustics
    While framing my HT room I decided to put the back wall 16" away from the concrete wall. I filled that space with Roxul in hopes that it would act as a bass trap. At the very least it will give my old home some serious R value! The remaining walls use standard 2x4 studds and are filled with one...
  16. First EQ attempt with BFD1124P

    REW Forum
    Decided to take the next step in tweaking my HT setup and grab a BFD1124P to play around with. After doing some reading, I thought I would try and aim for a "Hard Knee" target curve. Suprisingly, after running a fresh Audyssey after hooking up the BFD, Audyssey Dynamic EQ did a fairly good job...
  17. 1st attempt with painted white screen - contrast drops on bright scenes

    DIY Screens
    Hi all, I'm not only new to this forum, but also new to the home theater scene. After a lot of research and reading on forums I decided to buy the Epson 8350. I also want to make (paint) my own screen. Our HT is in our basement and 95% of the time the room will be completely dark when watching...
  18. first attempt window seat subwoofer

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    Hey Guys newbie alert first and foremost. I am looking to incorporate a sub-woofer into a window seat that has yet to be built. I have never done this before so any and all suggestions would be helpful. I am probably going to let my receiver handle the crossover. I hope to use the KISS standard...
  19. First attempt at building need some help

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    Hi, This is going to be my first attempt at building a subwoofer. Im going to use 2 Peerless 12" PR and 1 12" Peerless XLS. The amp I wanted to use is the OAudio 300w BASH amp. I made a winISD project and was wondering is someone could take a look at it and tell me if I can make any...
  20. Limited 1st attempt

    REW Forum
    Hi, in my hectic household, I very rarely get time where nobody is about, Kids at school etc. I had enough time for one measurement. Not sure if one can learn much from my graph, but I've tried to set my DEQ 2496 by ear, and every time I change from music to tv to radio, I'm up and down with...