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  1. 1st Attempt with BFD 1124

    REW Forum
    Ok, I just starting learning how to set filters on the BFD last night and ran a couple measurements this evening to test out. First my filters and then the graph. It's a Sunfire True sub MarkII, in an odd shape (triangle space under stairs, and opening to stairway, etc) low ceiling (6' 10")...
  2. First attempt Taming my subwoofer

    REW Forum
    Hello guys this is my first ever response graph in attempt to tame my subwoofer, and i must say that it,s been both fun and educational :T and at thise time i don,t have BFD or antimode or any kind of stand alone EQ , all work and tweak done , using only the 3 filters for standing wave in my...
  3. First attempt at taming my sub (BFD 1024)

    REW Forum
    Hello all, This week I ordered some goodies (listed below) in an attempt to tame my sub: Behringer UCA202 Galaxy CM-140 Behringer DSP1124P My sub is a pair of monsters: HSU 500W amp w/ crossover disabled 2 x HSU TN-1220HO All charts use 1/6 octave smoothing. The red line is my original...
  4. First attempt at room treatments

    Home Audio Acoustics
    OK, so I've started the journey into improving my room. First thing I built is an 8ft by 2ft bass trap with R19 paper face out: material specs from http://www.bobgolds.com/AbsorptionCoefficients.htm PRODUCT THICKNESS MOUNTING 125HZ 250HZ 500HZ 1000HZ 2000HZ 4000HZ Paper Out 6.25" R19 on...
  5. My first attempt at REW EQ ( post Audyssey EQ XT)

    REW Forum
    Here is my first attempt at Subwoofer EQ with REW . This was done after I have used Audyssey EQ XT. The filter values were entered Manually into the BFD. Its actually quite easy to do after some practice. The first chart is the Freq response BFD in Bypass mode The second is Freq Resp...
  6. first attempt

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    this was my first attempt at building a home theater sub. i had two memphis audio reference power 15s layin around so i thought i would try to put them to use. i went on memphis audios website and it said 6ft3 for two in a sealed box. so i made the box 36x22x13 inside dimensions. i used...
  7. First Sub Design Attempt - Struggling!

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi Guys, I just recently decided I needed a sub for my stereo setup (NAD C352 with Paradigm 7se MK3 floorstanders), mostly to listen to music but also to make movies somewhat more enjoyable. I decided I was going to try to build and design the sub myself. While I do have "Loudspeaker Design...
  8. DIY HT speakers: First REW attempt

    REW Forum
    Edit.. looks like I can't post pictures or external links? :huh: Doing my first measurements using REW. At the moment I'm most interested in finding how well my DIY mains are working and how the HT is coming together. Stereo 2 way BG RD50 ribbons and woofer line arrays. 500hz crossover, no EQ...
  9. my first REW attempt

    REW Forum
    Hi there. I have had a go with REW and would like to know what you think of my results. My room is 26'/14', the sub is positioned mid way between my speakers, behind my TV, and about a foot off a wall facing sideways. I found moving the sub around had very little change in my results...
  10. My first attempt with REW

    REW Forum
    I think I did everything right, but please take a look and let me know what you think. First, the room is roughly 12'x22', in the basement, with underlay and carpet on concrete. It has never sounded very good, especially the subwoofer. There are a lot of corners in the room - three outer walls...
  11. First attempt at building sub, using Winisd

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Bare with me here. I have been reading all I can with regards to a DIY HT sub. I downloaded the Winisd beta and pro versions and have entered the parameters. The beta is easier to understand (a ton less info to digest) than the pro for me. Is it as simple as building the enclosure as recommended...
  12. First Attempt At Using EQ

    REW Forum
    I am hoping for guidance about how to create a smooth freq. response and how to understand what should be changed to improve a waterfall graph. The speakers are full range two channel for music only. If someone has an opinion about if I can get a flatter response by integrating a sub, I would...
  13. First Graph Posting Attempt

    REW Forum
    Hello everyone! I've been having fun trying to learn REW. Let me know what you think of this graph, especially if something looks wrong.:sweat: This is Sub only measurement. Front left corner of my room. Thanks for looking.
  14. My first attempt at DIY (sort of)

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    Hello all. I am attempting my first build, and by that i mean assembly. I received all my parts from ED. They cut the endcaps for me, and are providing the drivers and amps ( 4-19 0v2 and 2 lt1300). All to be enclosed in 2 sealed sonotubes. My first step will be cutting the sonotubes- any...
  15. First attempt at DIY 703 panels + REW results

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I spent the day placing ten 2x4 panels of DIY 703 rigid fiberglass panels on my walls. I didn't have any panels for the ceiling. Overall, I'm happy with the results. There was a noticeable difference and I'm pretty glad I did what I did. Highs are audibly crisper. Mids are easier to handle...
  16. First attempt at REW after several amatuer adjustments

    REW Forum
    Hi All, I have just discovered this forum (superb btw), and would like to ask for your opinion re my graph. Ive had some help initial help/guidance via another av forum, until I discovered you and feel I would be better suited here for further instruction etc: Not sure how to calibrate sound...
  17. 1st attempt charts : looking for advise

    REW Forum
    Hi All, This is my first attempt in characterizing my room. My setup is as below: Integrated Amp : Holfi Megarus 928 (upgraded) CD : Holfi Xara (direct to int amp) Mains : Dali Ikon6 (direct to int amp) Sub : Dali IkonSub (hooked to integrated amp using sub out in amp L/R & LFE from Onkyo 875)...
  18. Pics of HT Construction

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I hope I'm in the right place. My HT is not finished and I only have this one picture that I will be using as a "before" shot of the redesign of the displayed area. If I've posted in the wrong area, please direct me to the right place.
  19. My Cream&Sugar attempt

    DIY Screens
    Hi all. I've set my heart on mixing and evaluating a so called "simple mix" paint with ingredients found in Sweden. Ideally we can find ingredients found in all of Europe. So, its all based on the research of Harpmakers and HTS gurus. The silver ingredient I have bought is from...