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  1. This is for the wine drinkers, and audiophiles

    Chat Box SWAMP
    What do you think? It looks to me like wines are almost like the snake oil Audio industry where you say it sounds different, but the next day your opinion is different than you thought before. It also adds a question as to being prepped by the one doing the testing. If a person says that the...
  2. Can Audiophiles actually Hate Sound???

    AV Home Theater
    Hear me out, if you'll pardon the pun. I just found out about a certain affliction which it turns out, I suffer from. It's called "misophonia" -and it relates to certain sounds triggering intense emotion (usually anger and frustration) Am I alone with this, or are people searching for the...
  3. For experienced audiophiles only please

    Home Audio Speakers
    As I have come to find out that I have never owned a set of good speakers, please I beg your indifference to your personal preferences and just try to put yourself into my head for a moment, as I have put in over 2 months time and effort into this. That I ask this of you should go a long ways...