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  1. Help decoding what Audyssey graphs say

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Can somebody tell me how to improve SQ?
  2. Audyssey app... did it ever materialize?

    Audio Processing
    When I was reading about the current generation of receivers, one of the features I was specifically looking forward to was the "Audyssey app" that would allow users to tweak response curves for individual channels. It was a feature on the mid-high end models from the Denon and Marantz lines...
  3. Audyssey Strange Crossover and Sub Distance Settings

    Audio Processing
    Hi all, I've been having some issues with Audyssey crossover settings lately. My current setup is as follows: - Speakers : Chane Music & Cinema A5rx-c towers and A2.4 center - Seating position is 10' from the TV - Room size is 12' x 16' - The L/R speakers are 8' apart on each side of the...
  4. REW for Audyssey?

    REW Forum
    Hello, I have Onkyo SC-5509 with Audyssey XT32. I don't like results of automatic calibration, howeverI don't want to spend 600$ on th Pro kit, only to be used with the SSP. I used REW for few years, and have the necessary equipment. Is there a possibility to use REW for calibration of...
  5. Audyssey Pro Kit or Mini DSP Dirac Live Better

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Just wondering what would be best to make things even better with my Marantz sr7009 with XT32. Anyone with experience with these? :)
  6. Audyssey dynamic volume or Yamaha DSP?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    So I'm ready to buy a new AVR but the only feature that matters most to me right now is some form of dynamic volume control. I'm pretty tired of having to turn the volume up and down while watching a movie. So I see Audyssey Dynamic volume looks to do what I want. Can anyone shed light on if it...
  7. Dirac + antimode OR Audyssey xt32 - need to make a decision

    Audio Processing
    m redoing my whole setup and ended up with 2 avr's (Denon x4000 AND Pioneer SC25 + antimode 8033c). Budget is a big issue so I need to sell one setup or the other. This got me thinking about Dirac Live. Please let me know which option you think is best and any concerns I should be aware of...
  8. Quick question about Audyssey and HTPC windows speaker/crossover settings

    Audio Processing
    Hello! I will be testing an Onkyo 809 receiver hoping to get nice results from the room correction specially for my 3 subs. My source will be a HTPC so I understand I will be sending the audio via HDMI in order to get DTS-HD etc. What about my windows settings? Currently my settings were for my...
  9. EQ with FBQ 1000 & AUDYSSEY

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I have an old ONKYO av, i left off two channels of the auto cal, center and sub(sub no diferrence with audyssey) I have now two filters in the sub channel, i will upload the results because i have stuck ... I also recal. the distance fοr the sub . My coach is also stuck :D to the...
  10. Audyssey Pro Calibration

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Thinking about getting an Audssey pro calibration done and was wandering if it's worth it. For those that have done it are you happy with the results thanks.
  11. Audyssey Calibration Problem

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a Onkyo TX-NR929. When I running the Audyssey calibration, it says that it cannot detect my center channel. However, I can clearly hear the calibration chirp when it plays on the center channel. It does not sound any different from my front, side, and back speakers. Any ideas on the...
  12. SVS Ultra Tower w/ Dirac vs. Audyssey results

    Audio Processing
    Now that I have my Dirac Live Full w/ my XMC-1 I wanted to give some input. First of all. Review the chart to see the response. Since my X4000 is down I used a previous test however nothing has changed meaning I ran each in my room w/o treatments. Obviously the Audyssey is a base target...
  13. Audyssey or Audyssey Flat, which way do you set it?

    Audio Processing
    I have always been setting my Denon 4520 to Audyssey until the other day when I read that the Audyssey setting is for little or no room treatments. The Audyssey Flat setting is for heavily treated rooms. Since my setup has a shelf filter of +12db it was essentially negating that with the...
  14. Audyssey blew a woofer on SVS Ultra

    Audio Processing
    Pretty sure of it. Was listening at -4db levels of some pink floyd and pooof.... the right 8" woofer on the left speaker scratches on kick drum punches at anything louder than -8db now. it was after a calibration too. Not sure whats up. Gotta touch base with SVS on monday and look into if...
  15. Notes on Audyssey setup for a Bose Lifestyle

    Audio Processing
    For better or worse, I have been helping my friend with the Bose lifestyle system again. The bass was very boomy after the first calibration and it annoyed the spouse. I experimented with running the Audyssey cal with the bass unit turned off in all cases except when testing the subwoofer. This...
  16. Connecting Audyssey Multi EQ mic to laptop

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Newbie question... Trying to get an introductory test of REW and am seeing if I can use my Audyssey Multi EQ microphone (mono 3.5mm jack output) as a first pass. Based on some threads, it seems it should be possible. My laptop (HP Stream X360) has the standard 3.5 headset/mic jack, but I...
  17. Audyssey XT32 + SubEQ HT with no LFE sub

    Audio Processing
    Will Audyssey XT32 + SubEQ HT provide the same corrections and work the same way if setting LFE/SUB to no and FR/FL mains to Large? I would like to take advantage of the subs in pure direct stereo mode and other by-pass options I am considering. This is for a secondary theater room I want to...
  18. Data Supporting a Single Setup Mic Position for Audyssey or Dirac Live

    Audio Processing
    NOTE: Not for Dirac Live after all... The initial measurements taken when this report was first posted seemed to support the use of a single mic measurement position for getting good results with Audyssey and with Dirac Live. More recent measurements and experiences have shown that this is not...
  19. Audyssey Setup Mic Directionality Pattern

    Audio Processing
    In a recent thread, there was some question about the directionality of the Audyssey setup mic. Measurements were taken using the Audyssey setup mic supplied with the Onkyo TX-SR705 AVR, one of the little hockey puck mics with the raised center where the mic element sits. Here is the frequency...
  20. The best Audyssey test... single mic test

    Audio Processing
    So far... a single test... with me at the MLP... with the audyssey mic placed on top my head... (yes, like a stupid little horn coming out the top of my head)... has produced the best results for me. I find the results to be perfect. It's when you add more than that single test I hate the...