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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, I have been poking around this site for some time but have finally decided to register. My HT setup has been kind of stagnant for a long time, but there has been some activity lately. About a month ago I acquired a pair of Bozak Concerto Grosso speakers with equipment cabinet. These...
  2. AV Home Theater
    I must be overlooking a topic on this so here is the question: I just recevied notification that AT&T Uverse is now available in our area. I currently have Time Warner Austin and have had for years. Does anyone that lives in the Austin area switched from TWC to Uverse and what is the benefit if...
  3. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    Austin, TX ONLY! It's big, it's ugly, but it's free and it works! Speaker does not come with it. 13.3 cu.ft tuned to 18hz with an 8" port. If you're without the tools to build your own box and just want something free and don't care what it looks like, then this is for you! I originally...
1-4 of 5 Results