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  1. Automated SPL Logging

    REW Forum
    Is there anyway to setup automated SPL logging with REW? Is there a way to initiate it through a command line or some other .bat based launch that I could integrate into a task schedule? We use REW to monitor our church services, so ideally we would like to setup tasks to start/end a log for...
  2. automated VST plugin?

    REW Forum
    I've been playing around with REW a bit and really like it! I have a MiniDSP to use with REW and really appreciate that it can work with biquad coefficients, so is more flexible than just using f0, Q and gain. Anyway, when using REW with a PC playing via a renderer with VST plugins (JRiver Media...
  3. Manual measurements different from automated

    REW Forum
    Hello—first post here. I'm using the latest REW beta with a Macbook Pro (and its internal sound card), and the analog RS SPL meter. If I take a coordinate from the graph of a measurement I just made—ex. 50 Hz was 72.2 dB—then use the signal generator to play 50 Hz, the resulting SPL reading...
  4. Chief Automated Flat-Panel Speaker Panel

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Pretty interesting product for you flat panel display owners. This is an electric speaker positioner for the Left and Right flat-panel speakers surround a flat-panel display. This would vastly improve the stereo effect and thus the surround seperation for these speakers and still allow for the...