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  1. REW automation and polar plots

    REW Forum
    I'm making automated microphone polar plot measurements with REW, Autoit and single axel robot. 5 degree measurement angle is mostly needed for hires plots and measurements are exported for polar plot construction as REW can't do this. That makes 72 measurements for full 360 degree rotation. I...
  2. Universal Remote (Systems) for HT and Home Automation

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    Looking for some advice on selecting not just a remote that'll control the living room HT system (6 components - TV, BDP, AVR, Cable Box, and a couple of gaming consoles - pretty simple), but will also be good for lighting and other plug-in devices around the home. Would prefer WiFi or RF...
  3. Feature Request: Automation of REW

    REW Forum
    Is there any options or possibilities for automating REW? I can be a programmer's interface (java I'd presume), script, command line, anything really. Even If I had to record the mouse and keyboard to be able to make "macros" would be helpful. When making a larger set of adjustments, I have a...
  4. Flexible Lighting Automation with OpenHAB

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Thought I'd give a little summary of a project I've been working on that has been keeping me away from the forum. It's long - executive summary: in addition to controlling movie playback, my lights go into movie scene when I press play on my IR remote, and back to white when I hit pause or...
  5. Insteon for home automation

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I am investigating the use of the Insteon system for home automation. I need control of lighting zones, dimmers, exterior lighting dimmers, thermostat, entry point notification for exterior doors, remote control from anywhere at and away from home. I also want to have a central remote for all...
  6. Advice on automation and control

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    Hi guys and girls. I'm wanting to find out the best solution for full home theatre control from the one place like an Ipad app or control from a computer. What are others using? How do I get my projector, blu ray player, receiver (input selection, volume control), lighting, curtains to...
  7. Roomie and Grafik Eye QS Automation question

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I have purchased and installed a Grafik Eye QS system. I purchased and installed with the unit the QS-CI-NWK-E - Ethernet interface module QSE-IO - contact closure IO interface Have them installed and can telnet to the ethernet interface - and via the telnet interface select the zone...
  8. Sonar Users - X2 Prochannel Automation Bug

    Pro Audio
    I submitted a bug report for Sonar X2, having to do with automating ProChannel parameters. Bottom line, do not try to automate ProChannel parameters, you can get random changes to ProChannel parameter values on other tracks. Here is a detailed description as posted in the Sonar Forums.
  9. ALM Family Theater automation using iRule

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    I have not seen a whole lot of information here at HTS on the iRule app to control one's theater, so I decided to start this thread to detail my journey through it. After reading through a slew of build threads and seeing what was used to control the room, I decided to follow Simon's (raZorTT)...
  10. Need advice on setting up Automation stuff for my Home Theater room ...

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi guys ... I needed some advice on home automation controls .. I'm making a home theater room in the basement of my new house, and I wanted to add automation stuff to it ... Like I want to control the lights, the media source being played, the volumes, the air conditioning (if possible), etc...
  11. Crown XLS 1000 Automation

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    First I run a 9.1, 7 channels are all powered by individual Crown XLS 1000 amps. The front high channels are stereo split on a single Crown XLS 1000. Sub is a Paradigm Sub 1. Fronts are Axiom M80 v3 Center is Axiom VP180 Highs are Axiom M3 Surrounds and back are QS8 I have been VERY happy with...
  12. HDI Dune's universal media player / home automation boxes show up at CEDIA

    After making their debut at IFA earlier in the month, the HDI Dune family of media streamer / Blu-ray combo units appeared Stateside at CEDIA 2010. We spent most of our time checking out the HDI Dune Max, a $499 unit which includes a well-thought out menu system that pulls in info and box art...
  13. HDi Dune Pro media player invites home automation to the party

    Billed as "the world's first Blu-ray player to support Connected Home Services" the HDi Dune Pro debuts the company's HDi Dune Home Technology that pulls the usual suite of home automation functions -- media management, cameras, thermostats and the like -- to the TV screen. On display this...
  14. Linux MCE media server and home automation

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Has anyone been crazy enough to try LinuxMCE. It looks really cool. http://linuxmce.com/ Matt
  15. Automation Dejour

    Pro Audio
    OK, let's see..... Stage automation.... yea.... that's it!:whistling: I've got a six piece band on stage. Nothing is automated besides guitar players pedals! I've got three (3) FOH (front of house) projectors sometimes in unison, sometimes with three different video feeds. The drummer...
  16. Pre-Wiring a Home - eBook

    System Setup and Connection
    Howdy all: If you are interested in all the low-voltage systems involved in whole-home entertainment, I've been writing a eBook that should interest you... Long story short, I get a LOT of questions on home wiring and this seemed like the most efficient way to get all those questions answered...
  17. Adding HT to Home Automation in MN

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, new to the site. I have just embarked on a long journey to completely modernize my house. This includes an intelligent alarm system, automated lighting, and home stereo in every room. Part of this will include Home Theater builds in the main Family Room as well as in a dedicated...
  18. RS232 Automation Language

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    This could probably go in either construction or here, but since it has to do with control I figured I'd put it here for discussion. At my day job (when I'm not installing home theaters), we do camera system integration. Basically there are cameras, lens controllers, image capture, and image...