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  1. JVC
    I recently replaced the IC's and a single resistor that was damaged on my JVC AV-48WP74. The fix went fine - with everything working as normal for about two weeks. Then, the sound suddenly started going out and within a day it has stopped working completely. I've worked through the menu settings...
  2. JVC
    I have a AV-48WP74 JVC tv I recently was working on the convergence board.. it had a few blown resistors. Before I started any work on it. The green red and blue had display but the red and green had slopes and bowed. I now have the red in line with the blue in the convergence menu. But now the...
  3. JVC
    Never mind. Green CRT was cracked....now it's broken in half. Anyone need parts? I have circuit boards. etc.
1-3 of 3 Results