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  1. JVC
    Hope Im doing this correctly. I have a JVC IART TV model number AV-65WP74 with blue lines that arc from the top corner of the screen about half way down the and back up to the opposite corner. I am trying to figure out if its worth fixing. Thank you for any help...
  2. JVC
    My JVC AV-65WP74 does not display a picture and does not have sound from the speakers. The clicks internally and has a loud audible popping noise in the speakers. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem may be?
  3. JVC
    My JVC AV-65WP74 after powered on for 10 minutes starts displaying red/green/white vertical solid and broken lines. The lines are fixed and sometimes after 30 minutes the picture is back to normal. Before the lines appear, any text on the screen start to look 3d. I have had no luck online...
  4. JVC
    hi my friend just gave me his Av-65wp74. he re-placed the convergence chips but he has all of the wires unpluged from the board except one. the others he removed from the tv. can anyone tell me the correct locations for the wires. i have the red,blue and green correct but need help with the...
  5. JVC
    I have had this TV for almost 3 years and now have a problem. I turned it on the other day and about 5 minutes later the picture went blank and then a popping sound came from the speakers. I unplugged it and when I plugged it back in the speakers pop and there is a clicking sound from the back...
1-5 of 5 Results