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  1. EQ Filters: Average or single measurement best?

    REW Forum
    I ran some sweeps with my subwoofer at 10 positions and then did an Average for those which I then use to create EQ filters. The Average looks pretty much as the middle most position of my sweeps so is there more "information" to work with for creating the EQ filters with the single...
  2. How to Average Measurements

    REW Forum
    I want to take 3 measurements from the LP and near the LP, after I get these measurements how do I average them to Eq?Right now my measurements have all come from the LP, so I have eq'ed from that and it sounds good from the LP. Now if you move from the LP I have too much bass I want to correct...
  3. An Average Guy’s Home Theater Upgrade Adventure

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    New member here. I decided to contribute the work on my modest home theater as some of it may be of use to others. There will be no dedicated theater room additions or new home build journal so set your expectations accordingly, haha. Quick background about me... I’m an electrical engineer in...
  4. Just your average gorilla (an introduction)

    New Member Introductions
    I've been given permission to commence building new speakers for our TV room. And this seems like the forum I can learn from. The plan is for a simple 5.2 system since the room is rather small and doesn't need much. The system will be exclusively for TV use, so the bass will be excessive to help...
  5. Average the responses?

    REW Forum
    How does the (Average the responses) feature select the frequency where it combines the frequency response?
  6. trace arithmetic and average the response

    REW Forum
    Hi all, I have a question: what is the difference between the trace arithmetic function A+B and the button at the bottom left of the graphic named average the response ? The graphs are very similar but with different values, is it a geometrical average ? Also, what is the difference between A+B...
  7. A better way to average frequency response?

    REW Forum
    John, have you ever considered the averaging function as in the following diagram? I have borrowed this diagram, with full appreciation and credit given to Denis Sbragion's DRC: Digital room Correction site. It suggests that since we are more sensitive to response peaks than to narrow response...
  8. Average Response, Automatic Target Level

    REW Forum
    Hey guys! I apologize in advance for my English. Please advice. I have problems with the "set target level" and Average of Multi-Measuring. 1) In the EQ section is the "Target Level" and "Set Target Level". Both items give different results. When I set my REW SPL meter to 80 db, I also set the...
  9. Denon’s new IN-Command receivers aim to put average users in control

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    If you were alive during the good old days, then you’ll undoubtedly remember how easy it was to hook-up a receiver. It involved running speaker wire to two speakers, plugging in RCA cables for your tape player, phonograph, and/or cd player, and attaching a ground wire if you were playing vinyl...
  10. Best to average multiple readings for room correction?

    REW Forum
    Simply moving the measurement microphone a few inches causes the measurement nulls and peaks to move around, especially at the higher frequencies. So, for overall room correction via REW filters, is it best to take an average of numerous readings at different points in the room - or at least...
  11. Average of left/right not equal to left+right?

    REW Forum
    I apologize if this has been asked before but I don't know how to search this - I took a room measurement with only the left channel speaker playing then another measurement with only the right channel speaker playing. I then created a plot averaging those two readings. Finally, I turned both...
  12. SPL average or peak-level when matching speakers?

    REW Forum
    Hello everyone, I have been wondering about the spl REW displays when e.g. playing pink noise or pink PN to match speakers. Does the SPL-meter in REW measure an average sound pressure across the frequency range or does it show the peak sound preassure, for instance if there is a 10db boost at...
  13. Average SPL measurements - first time user

    REW Forum
    Hi there. :help: I am trying to use the SPL measurements, and while I do get some fine results, the problem is that I want an average. I want to know what the average is in dB, Is there any way to do this in REW V5? for example.. I run 3 measurements and generate an average of these 3, now...
  14. Average decibel measurement over time?

    REW Forum
    Is there a way in REW to take an average DB reading over an average of time? ie, a minute or so? For example, play pink noise for a minute and get a DB average over that entire minute. I was reading an article about level matching multiple subs and I was curious...
  15. Average Graph

    REW Forum
    Tried a search but couldnt pull up what I was looking for. Just some info on what I did, I ran my AS-EQ1 set then I also ran my avr MultEQ-XT over the top of it, then I proceeded to run rew sweeps in the exact previous mic set-up locations. All the sweeps were around 75-82 db pretty much but...
  16. What would you prefer? Good average or perfect sweet spot?

    REW Forum
    I have been playing around with sub postioning and eq'ing. If I place the sub in the front of the room, I can get an almost perfect +-2 dB response all the way down to 18hz, but only with rather big eq cuts. The only problem is that in seats 2 or 3, the response kinda sucks. Because of eq...
  17. Average LFE setting

    System Setup and Connection
    I was wondering what setting is the most common. I know this is based on several condition. Quality of sub or subs and speakers. Room size and listning habits. With my setup I use -10db LFE setting. Using two SVS PB12-NSD subs.
  18. as to calculate the average of the measures

    REW Forum
    is there a system to be able to calculate the average on the measures effected with rew? and how many measures needs to effect for calculating her/it? annacamilla.
  19. about average function

    REW Forum
    hi all, I'd like to know more about how the REW average function is calculated. Especially when some of the averaged signals are non-minimal phase, how is the calculation done ? Thanks for any info.
  20. Equalizing the average listening position [WARNING high graph count ahead]

    REW Forum
    OK, I wanted to post what I did this weekend in hopes of getting some feedback on the process. It also makes for a good resource to come back to when I do this again. :innocent: My room is used mostly for movie and tv viewing and the goal was to optimize the listening environment for the...