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  1. Spatial Averaging with REW ?

    REW Forum
    I am using a UMIK-1 mic in conjunction with REW. Is there a way to connect 4 umik-1 mics via a cost effective multiplexor for real time spacial averaging ? Most multiplexors are XLR based and have a rotary switch that allows individual or all mics selection.
  2. Sweep-based measurements not good for averaging positional response?

    REW Forum
    I have been using REW for quite awhile to try to tune my system EQ. At first I thought my mic (Dayton UMM-6) is broken, because it would measure all these 20dB+ nulls that the ears don't hear, but with time I learned that they're the inevitable result of room echoes comb filtering for full...
  3. Averaging impulse measurements

    REW Forum
    Hi, Im trying to measure the reverberation time over 125Hz - 4kHz 1/3 octave bands in a small music venue, using the impulse response available in REW. Due to room modes and spatial changes in the sound field, I'm taking 10 individual measurements around the room to get an 'overall'...
  4. Averaging energy of a multipoint measurement - possible?

    REW Forum
    Hello everybody, first of all I want to introduce myself as a german guy. So please excuse me if there are some mistakes in my writing ;-) I'd like to make a multipoint-measurement for a studio listening seat/position. That means not only in one fixed microphone position, but in e.g. 30...
  5. Improvement suggestions

    REW Forum
    Hi, I've just started using REW and I noticed two things that I thing may be improved. First of all there is no possibility to average RT from many impulse responses, and export it. I would like to have a possibility to make measurements in couple of places in a room, and then average the RT...
  6. EDT and RT30 averaging

    REW Forum
    Hi all, I really need an answer very quickly. Is it possible to average EDT and RT30 values in REW V.5? Sorry for repeating my self, but I'm quiet desperate.
  7. Averaging (Arithmetic) missing in latest (Jan 11) V5 release?

    REW Forum
    Hi, in beta 5 of V5 there was an averaging function when displaying multiple measurements. In a latter beta this should be changed to "arithmetic" tab giving more options. In the release version [Room EQ Wizard 5.0 (REW) (Released 30 Jan 2011)] I don't find the avering nor the arithmetic tab in...
  8. Center weighted averaging for multiple pos

    REW Forum
    Just want to share my experience using center weighted averaging method for multiple seat. I had 2 row of seats with three recliner chair in the front. As I usually sit in the first row middle seat, I want the best sound in that seat without over compensating the rest of the position. So I'm...
  9. Full range measurements & averaging

    REW Forum
    Couple of quick questions from a new user (me). :dumbcrazy: I plan on using the DBX mic for full 20Hz to 20KHz measurements, and I'd like to know if the mic is to be used with the tip pointed to the ceiling or at the speaker. I'd also like to do some averaging of the responses taken in a 3...