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  1. Denon AVR4520CI at BB for $1500

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    This is a screaming deal in my opinion. I've had this amp for 2+ years replacing a trusty, but dated, B&K pushing B&W 804s mains in a Stereo + HT application. I've not found it lacking in any performance category for the $2400 I paid for it. BB has it on sale for $1500. Gotta to be the best...
  2. Speakers for Denon AVR-4520CI

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    Speakers for Denon AVR-4520CI... Complete set up room size 18w. X 24 L
  3. Denon AVR-4520ci my newest upgrade

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    I just decided to upgrade a few things with my home theater this yr and the denon avr-4520ci was one of the upgrades I made. I had an onkyo tx-nr708 and it decided to take a dump on me late last yr. After talking to onkyo a couple times and a few emails they decided to do a one time out of...
  4. Denon AVR-4520ci Locking up on start up

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    My Denon AVR-4520ci locks up/freezes. Here is the situation. My HDTV is on, and sound through the tv speakers. I turn on the Denon, as usual, and no sound. The display is CBL/SAT. I then try to switch to Blue Ray. This is when the Denon locks up. Green light is flashing. After that...no...
  5. Denon AVR-4520CI Receiver Review Discussion Thread

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    Denon 4520 Receiver Review Discussion Thread With a plethora of features and sufficient power to drive some of the most demanding speakers, as well as the ability to process a 5.2 system with the main speakers bi-amped and still have two channels remaining for a separate two-channel setup...
  6. Denon AVR-4520CI Receiver Review

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    Denon AVR-4520CI Receiver Review By Sonnie Parker About a year ago I decided to give up my Denon 4311 receiver so that I could give the Onkyo 5508 preamp/processor a spin in my system. The 5508 has performed very well, yet for some reason I have this perception that it is noticeably...
  7. Denon AVR-4520CI Official Owners, Discussion and Information Thread

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    Here is the Denon USA Press Release for the forthcoming AVR-4311/4810 tweener. I did not realize that Bain Capital owns D&M. So far the only Denon USA info is this PDF which I converted to a Word Document. "DENON INTRODUCES 9.2-CHANNEL AVR-4520CI – NEW “IN-COMMAND SERIES” FLAGSHIP RECEIVER...
  8. Denon Offers New Flagship 9.2 Channel AVR-4520CI Home Theater Receiver

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    Source: BigPictureBigSound