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    Recently purchased the Arcam AVR 500 from a local retailer. During the same week I activated my AT&T U-verse. I connected the cable box to the Sat input on the Arcam via HDMI cable. The issue I am having is upon setup the Arcam is not recognizing the digital source from the cable box, thus there...
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    Hi I want to pair the AVR with a set of Monitor Audio RX8 5.1 setup.I've heard both and they sound so good compared to everything else I listened to,I would like to know witch one is more reliable,has HDMI issue's and so on thank you in advance.
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    Overview The AVR500 is based on Arcam’s all new high definition AV platform that was crafted in Cambridge, UK over three years of intensive research and development. The outstanding reception already given to the first two products using the platform, the AVR600 Receiver and AV888 Pre-Amp...
1-3 of 3 Results