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  1. New Dirac enabled Lexicon AVRs

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    :) Flavio
  2. Arcam AVRs add DTS:X

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    In case you missed this DTS:X arrives on Arcam AVRs and with DIRAC for Height Channels ARCAM AVR 390/550/850 CLASS-LEADING AV RECEIVERS - DTS:X implemented v4.06 firmware delivers DTS:X & DTS Neural as promised, to the latest generation of Arcam AVRs - DIRAC Live app updated Updates the PC /...
  3. Denon Releases Two New Competitively Priced AVRs (AVR-X4200, AVR-X3200)

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    Denon Electronics has made an aggressive move within the ranks of home theater AVRs offerings. Last week, the company officially announced the release of two new Atmos enabled receivers that are loaded with future friendly technologies, including support of High Dynamic Range (HDR) video...
  4. Onkyo Reveals Two New Midrange AVRs (TX-RZ900, TX-RZ800) and a Network Receiver (TX-8160)

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    Onkyo has announced the launch of three new enticing receiver models due to hit store shelves later this summer. These receivers, like others we’ve seen released this year, are finally delivering tech that should be fairly future-proof. So, if you’ve halted buying new gear during the...
  5. Estimating output impedance in AVRs?

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    I'm 99% sure the answer to this is no but here goes: Is there any way short of buying expensive diagnostic equipment to determine the output impedance of the power amp stages in the typical AVR. If it helps I offer the spec page from the manual of my SC-71.
  6. Onkyo Announces Two New AVRs (TX-NR535 and TX-NR636), Featuring Proprietary Room Correction Software and HDMI 2.0

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    Onkyo A/V Receivers are wildly popular within enthusiast circles and frequently find themselves on recommended buy lists due to their exceptional build quality, near-spec bench test results, and tech inclusions. It’s hard to find an owner that isn’t willing to boast about the brand and...
  7. Yamaha unveils two new AVRs and announces sweepstakes

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    If you’re in the market for a new mid-priced AVR, then you’ll want to keep reading. Yamaha has recently added two new models to its flagship line of AVENTAGE network AV receivers. They have been unveiled under the classification of the RX-A 30 Series, replacing previous models of the RX-A 20...
  8. Onkyo announces 3 new high end AVRs

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    Onkyo announced their newest line-up of high end receivers. Here's the press release: "06/27/12 - UPPER SADDLE RIVER, NJ (6/27/12) -- Onkyo, the world’s leading manufacturer of home theater and hi-fi equipment, announces the release of three new models at the top of its A/V receiver line for...
  9. Which AVRs support streaming music from NAS?

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    I have all my music stored on an Iomega NAS. It supports DLNA. A number of receivers claim to be able to stream music across a network, but all the manuals I've looked at online refer to a PC and/or Windows Media player. I don't want to be dependent upon one of my PCs being up at all times. Has...
  10. Ipad/Iphone control for onkyo networed AVRs - O Remote

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    FYI - There is this app that I downloaded for my new TX-NR3008 - "O Remote"; seems very promising;$4.99
  11. Differences in AVRs weight/sound wise? - looking for a new one

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    Hi, After lurking for a while, i see you are all pretty knowledgeable from what i've read. I'm looking for a new AVR to replace my onkyo 507. Maybe not right at the moment, but soon in the future. I was wondering if you could give me some insight. I have demo'd a few AVRs, mainly the more...
  12. Emotiva Pro Line - AVRs, Amps, speakers

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    Emotiva Pro line - AVR --- AVR #1 - PMC-1, an HDMI 1.4 processor/7.1 receiver with built-in Control4 home automation - $3000 --- AVR #2 - - two amps --- #1 --- #2 - PMA-7350 - 7x350 amp, 100 pounds, 1" thick solid billet aluminum - $3000 - a line of loudspeakers Links AVS Link CEPro...
  13. Pioneer chip-amp AVRs

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    I am stealing this because it looked like an interesting topic to me: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Products/HomeEntertainment/AV-Receivers/PioneerReceivers http://www.bigpicturebigsound.com/Pioneer_VSX-919AH.shtml http://www.avhub.com.au/ProductReview.aspx?MagazineID=5&ProductReviewID=394
  14. Multi AVRs

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi, I have been thinking to upgrade my AVR (RXV-2500) to something that would allow me enjoy the new sound formats (Maybe a Onkyo or so). I would like the older receiver to power the mains while the new receiver the remaining speakers. If I connect the input of the new receiver with HDMI...
  15. Frequency response of AVRs?

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    MY equipment: Denon 3803 receiver Denon DVD 2200 dvd player BFD1124p Behringer A500 amp I use a coax connection from the dvd player to the AVR. If I connect REW directly to the BFD input I get a flat response down to 10hz. If I connect through the 3803 I get a shrp rolloff at 15hz. I was...
  16. Question about using the EXT-IN on Denon AVRs

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    Hi all, Quick question about exactly what is bypassed by using the external analog in path. I just hooked up the 5.1 analog jacks to my HD-DVD player (Whoo hoooo!). I know that the digital processing (such as Pro-Logic, DTS, Dolby Digital, etc) is not applicable here, but what about stuff...
  17. Blind tests done for 2 AVRs and a Pre-Pro.

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    Just had to point out some blind testing of the DACs and low level electronics (stereo only) for two AVRs and a pre-pro done by Steve Callas here... and now in post #6 below. Nice work Steve and company. But as the length of the ensuing thread at AVS that followed shows, as they say, "no good...