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  1. Denon AVR-X4000 handshaking issue

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    Hello all, I hope I am posting this in the correct section. I will try to put it into 2 parts.... Part1: I have recently set up my new equipment (Will list below) and have a problem receiving any picture or sound to my TV. Every other input seems to work fine except my cable input. I have ALL...
  2. AVR-X4000 from Santa?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I would like to upgrade my avr, if I can wait until xmas it would be fine with my better half. I would like to get the Denon-x4000 for a lot of reasons,especially the Audyssey dual Sub EQ . Are there any other brands that offer this feature at or near same price range?:dontknow:
  3. Audyssey insists fronts are large, Denon AVR-X4000

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    I'm re-running Audyssey XT32 on this Denon AVR-X4000 and Audyssey insists on setting the fronts to "large". This seems contrary to all I have read. I set all speakers to "small" in the manual setup, currently doing soft reset of the receiver. What's going on here? Thanks in advance.
  4. Help on Denon AVR-X4000

    System Setup and Connection
    Help on Denon AVR-X4000 ***SOLVED*** Does anyone know if the AVR-X4000 will play movies from my PC via the Network connection? I finally have everything installed and the music and Cable TV are great but when going to Media Server and I select my PC on the Network>Choose>folder>then the...
  5. Denon AVR-X4000: Lots of noise from rear speakers with Dolby Digital

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    Just received my AVR-X4000 last week and I absolutely love it except for the fact that it seems to produce lots of noise in the rear channels with Dolby Digital/Comcast cable as a source. The noise comes through the tweeters and is easily audible from 6-8 ft away. My front channels are...
  6. Denon AVR-X4000 remote control in/out

    System Setup and Connection
    I'm fairly dense, but how are these used? I don't need to control the unit from another room, I just would like the remote to control the receiver without having line of sight (the unit is on the bottom shelf of a stand near the foot of my bed, and I have to gyrate around for the Denon remote...