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  1. Volume Controls are controlling balance

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi and Merry Christmas, I'm helping a friend set up his whole house speaker system. He just purchased the house and it had approx. 10 pairs of in ceiling speakers throughout the house with a pair in most every room. There are in-wall in room volume controls for each of the speaker pairs. The...
  2. How do you balance driver outputs?

    DIY Audio
    If you have 2, 3, 8, 57, etc. drivers on a particular channel, how do you make sure they all match each other's output levels? I'm talking about an active system with one amp channel per driver, or at least one channel per crossover band. Do you size the amps to match the different driver...
  3. how to balance Sub volume with speakers?

    REW Forum
    I have two different branded subwoofers, one from REL and other from PSB. My front speakers are B&W 802D's. I am trying to balance the volume of Sub's with speakers using REW SPL Meter with REW's signal generator using sign wave. Keeping the volume constant on AVP, I balanced my sub and...
  4. How To Balance The Room Sound

    REW Forum
    Ok I am wondering how I can get the bass in my room to sound the same as it does in the listening position? In the LP the bass is great but anywhere else in the room and it is overpowering? All the measurements I have taken were from the LP so am sure that has alot to do with it, how do I...
  5. XTZ Sound in Balance Earphones

    XTZ Sound
    This is the official thread for the XTZ Earphones. These in ear monitors are revolutionary given the fact that they are the only in ear monitors that come with a custom designed iOS DSP App from Dirac Research, a world renowned audio DSP company whose technologies are used in some of the world's...
  6. XTZ Sound In Balance Giveaway - Qualification Thread

    XTZ Sound
    XTZ Sound In Balance Giveaway - Qualification Thread You could be one of three winners! To kick off their sponsorship here at HTS, XTZ Sound is giving away TWO pairs of their earphone revolution EarPhone 12 in-ear earphones valued at $80 each, to TWO lucky members ... and one lucky...
  7. XTZ Sound In Balance Giveaway

    XTZ Sound
    This is the: XTZ Sound In Balance Giveaway You could be one of three winners! To kick off their sponsorship here at HTS, XTZ Sound is giving away TWO pairs of their earphone revolution EarPhone 12 in-ear earphones valued at $80 each, to TWO lucky members ... and one lucky member will win...
  8. mini DSP: Balance or Unbalance

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I plan to add a DIY JL12W7 sub with an iNuke3000DSP to my current system with an SVS PB13Ultra sub. But since the iNuke's HPF can't go below 20hz, I am now thinking of getting the non-DSP pro amp and add a miniDSP so both subs can be EQ'd. Using an Onkyo 818 receiver, a miniDSP and 2 subs. What...
  9. White Balance Issue

    Home Theater Projectors
    I own Sony VPL-HW15 for about 3 years. I begin to have a white balance issue since my projector lamp at about 400 hours usage. At a cinema mode I got a measurement on white balance on 6500K with average gamma at 2.2 (after calibration) when was new. After 400 hours of usage. The best result...
  10. George Lucas to Retire, Fate of Galaxy Hangs in Balance

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: BigPictureBigSound
  11. Balance adjust for an AVR that lacks the feature

    System Setup and Connection
    My pair of Infinity 162s have excellent imaging abilities but my new AVR lacks balance adjustments for its zone 2 (or zone "A" as they call it). This basic function (or lack there of) is sacrificing my imaging quality. I love my new upa2 amp but it lacks independent channel adjustments, any...
  12. Which do I balance?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    hi all, i got my self a eq and a radio shack spl. i'm trying to flatten my frequencies. my question is about the cross over point between the monitors to my subwoofer ( 5.1 setup). if i use 80hz as my cross over point, both my sub and monitor speakers play equally at 80hz correct. now if i'm...
  13. How to best use REW to balance drivers

    REW Forum
    I have recently changed drivers from stock in my speakers. I would like to ensure the tweeters, mid and woofers are set at a proper level relative to each other. How do I use REW to achieve this kind of calibration? I do have the ability to attenuate the mid and tweeter.
  14. Using pink noise to balance levels

    REW Forum
    Hi all, I've been working the last few days to set up a Rythmik DS12 kit. I'm using an integrated amp instead of an A/V receiver, so the only crossover available to me is in the Rythmik's amp. I've tried high-passing the mains and also running them full-range, and I think I like the latter...
  15. gray balance before taking photos and GTI N8

    DIY Screens
    I've been getting more into photography lately and acquired a whibal white balance card (http://www.rawworkflow.com/products/whibal/index.html). What's interesting is that the resulting picture doesn't look like the room according to my eyes. The autowhitebalance picture (394) looks more like...
  16. Thorens Turntable and L/R Balance Question

    CD Players | Turntables
    Hi there, I recently received my late father's Thorens turntable. This is the Thorens TD 150 Mk II AB (per the label), circa 1965. Made in W. Germany, my father's native country. He cherished this piece, and it's really nice to have it in my system. I remember playing drums with this...