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  1. Need advice on balancing surround sound speakers and choosing receiver.

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hello, I have a house that is pre-wired for surround sound for 4 ceiling speakers. The "listening space" of the living room where I'm putting in surround sound is 11 1/2 wide by 15 1/2 deep. So I'm basically 15 1/2 ft away from the tv which is recessed into the wall. The system will mainly...
  2. Balancing speaker system

    REW Forum
    I use a virtual organ program that supports multi-channel stereo output (Hauptwerk) and I have the following set of Ikey active monitors: - a pair of M505: 25W/50W (HF/LF), 5" LF driver, 1" soft dome HF driver - a pair of M606: 30W/60W (HF/LF), 6" LF driver, 1" soft dome HF driver - a pair of...
  3. Balancing gain in: Receiver, Reckhorn b-1 and QSC PLX3402

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Balancing gain in: Receiver, Reckhorn b-1 and 2 x ep2500 EDIT I am switching to an ep2500 and an ep4000 both in bridged 4ohm and needing to put out about 1100w each for my subs. Since the gain on these is only 1.23v will the reckhorn b-1 be enough? What does the reckhorn mean when it says it...
  4. Balancing amps in a HT system

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hi, Just wondering whether you should balance the power of the amps in HT system. For example if I wanted to power a 7 channel system with an Emotiva XPA-2 for the fronts and a XPA-5 for all the others. How well would this work given the XPA-2 is 250w and the XPA-5 is 200w per channel. Does...
  5. Balancing /Equalizing dual subs

    REW Forum
    I just got my second SVS PB13-Ultra and I'm about to embark on the task of balancing and equalizing them in my room. I've read a lot of posts in here and tried to soak up as much information as I can. I have a plan in my head, but I'm a newbie and want to make sure I'm going about this the...