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  1. Banana Plugs

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    Ok, I'm getting ready to terminate my speaker wires. Anybody have any advice on these, or a better product? http://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=9437 http://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=9436 https://sewelldirect.com/sewell-deadbolt-banana-plugs-12-pair...
  2. dumb question about banana plugs

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    hi i am looking at the sewell deadbolt banana plugs and the sewell silverback banana plugs first which do you suggest. i am looking at the deadbolt i like the shorter lenght and the plastic cover i am doing a 7.1 system am i wrong in assuming you need 13 sets of plugs do you use the same plug...
  3. locking banana plugs

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    is anyone using them how do you like them recommend any particular brand
  4. Banana Plugs ?

    System Setup and Connection
    Which type of speaker connectors do you prefer? If you use banana plugs what are your favorites?
  5. Nakamichi banana plugs into Denon

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    Hi Guys After having to move my setup for the second time in a month due to work needed on an air conditioning unit, I have fitted plugs on my cables. Fits into my PSB's fine bar 1/4" bit that sticks out. Does not want to fit into my Denon though. Plastic plugs are out. Pushed to the point...
  6. OK to squeeze copper wire with thick insulation into banana plug?

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    Having never done any kind of electrical wiring before, I have a few questions. I've watched a bunch of how-to videos explaining how to strip wire and put banana plugs on the ends, but my wire isn't like the type I keep seeing on the videos and it's confusing the out of me. It's 16 gauge...
  7. Banana Plugs

    System Setup and Connection
    Banana Plugs: Closed Screw Type vs Open Screw Type? I ordered the open screw type of banana plugs by mistake. Should I returned them for the closed screw type? What is the audio or performance difference?
  8. Over-sized banana plugs?

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    OK, one of the Dr.'s at work buy's some Monster Z-Series Bi-Wire speaker cables on Audiogon. He get them & the spades are stretched out & his amp wont hold them, so he buy's some Monter banana plugs & asks me if I can put them on for him. I say sure, get them home, strip the wire back & there...
  9. Banana Plugs

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    Anybody know of a decent price on banana plugs. These little guys seem to cost a small fortune:yikes:. Need about 64 of them. Thanks Brandon
  10. Banana plugs? 2 silent MTS-01's are sad right now

    I got some pre-made speaker cable with banana plugs on the end I need to connect to a new pair of MTS-01's. However the banana plugs really don't seem to go in the jack. They might if I can wedge the blue/red plastic thing out of the bottom of the post but since it's not coming out easily I'm...
  11. Question about "Locking" Banana plugs

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi All. I hope this is the right place to post this question. I bought some "locking" banana plugs to terminate my speaker cables, but they do not fit into any of the binding posts on either of my receivers (Denon and Onkyo) or to the back of any of my speakers (Paradigm). That leads me to...
  12. Where to buy spade terminals / banana plugs?

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    I need one of the two for my new ML's. Probably spade terminals would work better. Where the banana pins plug into the ML terminals, the metal part on the ML terminal is recessed too far into the plastic wing nut and cannot get a good snug fit. The pins on my banana plugs are not long...
  13. Need Banana plugs

    DIY Speakers
    I just picked up some new Paradigms.The new V5 Monitors. A pair of Titans,CC-290,and a pair of Mini Monitors that I am going to use for surrounds. I am payiently waiting for my new Onkyo TX-SR605. I just picked up some 14g speaker wire. I am now looking to buy some banana plugs. Whats everyone...
  14. F to F banana plugs

    DIY Speakers
    I use my office as my "audio lab". Because of this I have my sub and speakers plugged in with banana plugs so I can more easily switch between speakers if I want to. I was wondering if there was a Female to Female banana plug adapter for when I wanted to cut my sub out of the loop. Anybody...