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  1. Who can accommodate a sound bar review?

    Reviewers Private Forum
    Hey guys... We need someone to review an Atlantic Technology Sound Bar 235. You would really need to be able to properly accommodate a sound bar setup. This one is touted as good enough to use without a subwoofer, for those not wanting house shaking bass and need to satisfy the acceptance...
  2. Sceptre teases 2013 lineup that includes near-borderless TVs, WiFi sound bar

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Sceptre Unveils 2013 Lineup, Including the First Compact Wi-Fi Enabled 2.1 Sound Bar and MHL Equipped Rimless LED HDTVs Complete selection of HDTVs, including the new Rimless Series featuring MHL technology showcased during CES 2013 at the Bellagio City of Industry, Calif. – December 19, 2012...
  3. Help with sound Bar

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hello to all. Please Help I am seeking help with recommendations/advice for purchasing a sound bar for a 42"Panasonic Plasma TV that is in my bedroom. I am just hoping to get a little better sound than what normally is on a TV. Has anyone had any experience with sound bars? Would you please...
  4. Tiered seating + bar seating

    Home Theater Seating and Accessories
    I constructed a foot high platform for a second level of tiered seating. I used 1x10 every 2 ft with 3/4" plywood top. Behind that area I installed a 46" high bar. I used backsplash from home depot for the surface of the bar and used an outdoor grade paint to make the surface more cleanable...
  5. I need some help designing a wet bar

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Left a room approximately 18 ' x 39.5 ' in my basement with two small windows and a walk out skidding door. I have 9 feet ceilings. I need help with a wet bar design before they start framing my basement. I have a theater room towards the back that measures 15.5 x 23' no windows, in the back...
  6. Definitive Technology SoloCinema XTR 5-channel Sound Bar Now Shipping

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: BigPictureBigSound
  7. Projection System for a Bar

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi there, I am looking into setting up a projection screen in my bar. The space has a fair amount of ambient light but the walls, floors, and ceilings will be black. I am on a budget but at the same time don't want to waste my money on an embarrassing setup. Currently spec'd is the Dell 1610HD...
  8. Sound bar or HT in a box for parents. Simple parents need help

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    So I got involved with my parents upgrade bug............ Very simple people but house is VERY difficult in audio due to 20+ft ceilings. They just want a bigger picture with "decent" sound. I selected a Phillips 55" LED for them which seems OK for now but audio was ridiculous. Dad ran down...
  9. Sound bar or other alternative for LED TV?

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hello, am installing built in LED tv in living room. This is not main TV or home theater area but will be used for watching sports and possibly listening to music, streaming Pandora etc. Am thinking of getting a sound bar system for this but am not sure this would be adequate. I am not...
  10. Design help on Media room w/ projector and wet bar

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I have flipped this room every which way and this is the only way i can get all the spaces to work. I'm having trouble visualizing how i can break up the projector viewing section from the bar secton as I do want to do a very dark wall surround around the screen. Thats my first issue, second...
  11. Sound bar

    DIY Speakers
    Has anyone built a sound bar?I have looked at them a walmart type stores and thought for the price I bet I could make one cheaper and better sounding.So I'm looking for links or a design.
  12. How to Hook up Tv, Receiver, Sound bar , Playstation, Xbox and Dvd player properly?

    System Setup and Connection
    I am looking for a optimum way to hook up my Tv, receiver, sound bar, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Dvd player. I'm trying to have all my units use the sound bar and receiver when I turn them on. The receiver, tv and sound bar only have one optical cable spot. I did provide pics of the receiver...
  13. Sound bar jamo 360

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a jamo 340pd system with to extra front height setup and I have a have 360 sound bar and want to run it as a center speaker alone.do you guys think this will sound good our should I just run it as center and right and left and then use my right and left I have now on speaker out b or im I...
  14. Samsung HW-D450 2.1 Sound Bar Home Theater System - Only $244.00 - Save 30%

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    Only $244.00 30% OFF | MSRP: $349.99 82 Available | 0 Sold as of 08/25/11 10:50am CDT Free Shipping
  15. Heavy Duty Wall Outlet Extender - Similar to PS Audio's Juice Bar II

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    I'm looking for a wall outlet extender. I have several power amplifiers in my system that I want to run straight into the wall, but I only have 2 wall outlets (plugs). I don't need a surge protector, a simple heavy duty power strip without any gimmicks or technology will do. Anybody know...
  16. ntsc, color bar, circle pattern signals

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    thanks for all the help you have already given me. I have gotten my service manual and the first part of all adjustments or troubleshoots start with receive one of the afforementioned signals. is there an easy replacement or suggestions as what to use? thanks again
  17. Has anyone ever built a bar out of a subwoofer?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Maybe I'm crazy, but would this work? I'm thinking about using a bar as a second row of seating in my under-construction theater. This would allow a shorter riser and would give a place for eating during football games. I was also trying to figure out the likely subwoofer placement in the...