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  1. Home Audio Acoustics
    Hello! In my room, I have the wall behind the speakers almost covered with IKEA Expedit shelves (perfect for vinyl records) In a music store I found these cubes which would fit into the shelve sections quite snugly (with a little persuation). I was wondering if those would be effective as...
  2. Home Audio Acoustics
    I have a dedicated listening room in my home measuring approximately 7m L x 5m W x 2.8m H. The room has a carpeted concrete floor, painted brick and plaster walls and a gypsum ceiling. When I initially set up my hi-fi in the room the acoustic response was terrible - the room was loud, boomy...
  3. Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi guys. I start to build bass traps, this is what I have found to use as dampening material, the lowest of the curves are for the "extra bass" with total depth of 200 mm.
  4. Home Audio Acoustics
    Hello. I've been playing around with REW and my basstraps today, to measure the effect. Well, set up REW, took a few readings of the room as it is now (1M, 8sweeps), and then removed all the acoustics panels I have. That is one corner trap (60cm face, 85cm tall, one 2'x4'x4" sheet cut in 8)...
1-4 of 4 Results