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    Im very frustrated. Ive been trying to get REW to work for two days. Im using the behringer mic, the xynyx 802, and a sound blaster live internal soundcard. I have the cables hooked up and knobs set identical to sonnies picture. heres the problem. I ran a few sweeps and the graphs all looked the...
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    Hello all! Two years ago my wife found this house and wanted to move in immediately. I wasn't all that keen on doubling the house payment at the time, but she made a powerful argument in favor of it. Most of the basement space was finished and looked to be just about ideal for a small home...
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    Be it ever so humble...... Hitachi 50V500 LCD-RP Harman/Kardon AVR 7300 Toshiba HD-A3 HD DVD Definitive Technology: BP 2004 towers CLR 2002 center BP 2X surrounds JVC XVN-40 DVD player Toshiba SD-4960 SACD/DVD-A player Pioneer PDF-100 CD (an old 100 disc player I can't part with) Scientific...