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  1. From the Bay area!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, Been into home theater a while and have gone down and up in market terms... right now planning a more dedicated HT/media room and very excited to get into the nitty gritty of baffle walls, IB speakers, etc.
  2. Hi from E. Bay, CA

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone. We just relocated from Portland, OR to the Bay Area about a year ago. I'm primarily interested in 2-channel audio, but there seems to be a lot of good information on this site. Best, AC
  3. Oyster Bay Maritime Theater

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hello All! :wave: Its been a while since I posted here and I'm back to update you with where I am at with my theater build. The original design phase thread is here: http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/home-theater-design-construction/74134-oyster-bay-theater-design-pic-heavy.html Since...
  4. Greetings from SFO Bay area

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    Happy to be here:)
  5. Oyster Bay Theater Design- Pic Heavy

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hi All! :wave: Thanks for reading the entire post if you do. Appreciate it! I am in the planning stages for a theater build that will be in my new home. The space is about 24x15x8 in the basement. It is half of the basement. The other half is mechanical and a work out/refreshment area...
  6. Micheal Bay walks off stage at CES...

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Did anyone see this? I can't believe the guy couldn't talk tech without a telepromptor. I think he should of at least been able to give his opinion on the new sets unvieled by Samsung. It reminded me of being called in front of the class when you didn't expect it and having a panic attack, Which...
  7. SF bay area REW

    REW Forum
    Hi guys, Does anyone in the SF bay area have one and wouldn't mind showing me how it works thanks.
  8. Anyone in the East Bay have a Chase set up or Chase sealed sub?

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Just looking to audition and admire your setup as I am not in a postion to purchase at the moment but it's good to have goals! Thanks!
  9. Anyone use Patchmix DSP..Emu's soundcard virtual eq/patch/mix bay?

    REW Forum
    Ive got an Emu 0404 PCI card with Patchmix DSP...Ive always liked using it for recording/playback etc. www.emu.com/0404pci Do I need to tell REW this at all? Ive calibrated....but I look in the 'Equalisers" section in "Preferances" and don't see anything to select, other than maybe "generic"...
  10. My system- SF Bay Area

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Right now I have 2 different setups. One is for HT and the other stereo. Right now HT is Processor Emotiva UMC-1 Lumagen HDP Pro Audio Behringer Feedback destroyer Adcom 7400 for mains, center and surrounds Adcom 535 for rears Carvin amp for buttkickers 2 buttkickers + 1 clark sysnthesis...
  11. HI from Bay Area California

    New Member Introductions
    Hello All, This is Raj from Bay Area, California I just joined yesterday. Stumbled upon this forum while trying to find more info to calibrate my radio shack SPL meter. Thanks
  12. Looking for box builder in bay area CA

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I'm located in DAnville CA and I have a 12" RE HC I'd like a ported box built. The subwoofer was built by scott back in the day RE was owned by him. Referrals are appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Yet another SF Bay area newby

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    Hi all, Just signed up after having read some of the threads for awhile. I'm going to be adding a subwoofer to my home office system, and have been looking at Room EQ Wizard to help with it so I can find and get rid of some bumps and dips in the room response. Best regards, Ron
  14. Hello from Bay Area, California

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    Hello, My first post here. Regarding home theater system, I have a Denon 3800s system with Speakercraft in-wall/in-ceiling installation. My main interest, however is home recording. I found this forums via Room EQ Wizard. I browsed through sub-forums and it looks like I will stop by...
  15. Hello from SF Bay Area!

    New Member Introductions
    I found this great forum from link on the "other forum" :bigsmile: I have owned an HDTV for 6 years now. I just recently bought a great sub woofer, the SVS 2039pci. Holy rafters :holycow: I have: Mit WS 55907 Onkyo TX-SR703 NHT Super Ones hooked up in 5.1 SVS 2039pci Panasonic RP-56...
  16. new member from S.F. Bay area

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    Hello to everyone, My name is Mike Johnson and have joined the forum to learn more and to share what I know. I am currently in the process of tuning a sub that I built using a JL audio 15w3v2 (same driver used in Krell's $5000.00 Resolution sub) So far it performs well in a 3.6 cu FT sealed...
  17. Long-time SF Bay Area BFD Guide Leecher Checking In

    New Member Introductions
    I'm a long-time BFD user, and Sonnie's original Snapbug website was instrumental in helping me get up and running. I refer to myself as a leecher because while I've used Sonnie's valuable BFD pointers and posted my before-and-after charts on the original BFDGuide forum, I wasn't as much of a...