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  1. Pan Blu Ray BD85 stopped Net connection

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    I have had the Panasonic BD85 Blu Ray player for almost a year and it has worked well. My kids love Netflix and how easy it was to get the movies playing. For some reason, the connection to the internet has been lost. There was no equipment change during this time so I'm not sure what could...
  2. Panny BD-85 MCH outs?

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    Hello, Anybody using the the MCH outs on a Panasonic BD-85 player. I'm having problems with speaker calibrations, I realize bass management is done in the player, but from the 85's setup menu there seems little I can do, I can select speaker presence (size and how many) but all output levels...
  3. BD85 analog sound setup issues

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    I am setting up a new Panasonic DMP-BD85k and using the 5.0 analog outputs to my Marantz AV9000 PrePro. I have tried everything but still have two issues. I cannot get the test sounds in the BD85 to play on the center channel or the surrounds....only plays on the fronts. When I play a DVD...
  4. Panasonic BD85

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    I was looking at this player at Best Buy(mainly for the 7.1 analog outs). The box said internet connectable, wi-fi ready. A LAN adapter is in the box. A player like this can stream movies, music, etc from Netflix, Pandora and other services wirelessly. Is it safe to assume that if I connected...
  5. SOLD: Panasonic Bluray DMP BD85 $175 + shipping PRICE DROP $150

    Classifieds - Video Components
    SOLD SOLD SOLD This is the 'top' of the line of the non-3D panny player. Wi-fi enabled-streams Netflix and continually increasing no. of apps. widgets etc. Plays computer formats too-.avi divx etc. Played 5 discs in it. Purchased from Dell in July. Still as new. Warranty, orig. box and all...
  6. Panasonic DMP BD85

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    Does anyone have experience with this new model from Panasonic? Looks like it should be a great player as it offers 7.1 analog with improved circuitry, wifi, and other improvements. Wonder how it would stack up against Oppo? The price ($250 street) is very good! I'm looking at it as my next...