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  1. need a dvdo external scaler that will do 2.35.1 with a benq 2150st projector

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    i need a dvdo external scaler that will do 2.35.1 aspect rato with a benq 2150st projector i want to connect the scaler to my panasonic ub900 4k player the benq 2150st only supports asper ratios up to 16.9 i want to use it onmy very large shermin williams painted wall the projector is short...
  2. need a anomorphic lens that does 2.35.1 on a benq 2150stprojector

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    hi i need a anomorphic lens that does 2.35.1 using a benq 2150st projector that is 9 feet away and is ceilung mounted im using a large painted wall using shermin williams proclassic satin extra white with grey colour dye in it i no the benq 2150st does not support 2.35.1 built in which i why im...
  3. can the benq 2050a projector

    Home Theater Projectors
    hi can the benq 2050a projector do 180 to 200 inches at 11feet throw distance that is the depth of my room and still have a fantastic picture without altering the brightness light ambience is there anthing that can be altered to do this thanks kindly marcus and also i want to buy some sort of...
  4. benq 1070 projecting on wall in living room with ambient light

    General Screen Discussion
    Don't notice to much of the texture 135 size image and we watch from about 12 feet back you only notice from right couch as it sits perpendicular to us and the image and is about 5 feet from the screen lol.. Again we sit mostly in front of and at 12.. Wall is a beige color.. Wife would like me...
  5. currently have 2 benq 1070

    Home Theater Projectors
    1 in living room 1 in bedroom.. I like this projector allot and the benq brand itself.. My wish list would be brighter darker blacks and bigger screen for the distances I have Living room is 135 at 11.3 feet I like it dark wife likes it more open Bedroom 100 at as far back as it can go always...
  6. Benq ht1085st or ht3050? Best short throw

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hello all I'm very new to the forum. I just built my first home theater. 135" great screen. My room is only 9 feet by18 feet with the screen being 9' from the seating area. Which forces me to a short throw projector as I want at least 120" screen I bought the Benq ht1085st which is too short of...
  7. Benq W1070 3D color uniformity problem

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hello fellas, I've noticed a weirdness with my Benq W1070. When watching 3D, the colors are changing as i rotate my head. If i rotate my head left the colors seem more vibrant and vice versa. I tried with two different glasses. What can be the reason? Should i request a repairment? Thanks...
  8. Benq W1070 brightness at shorter distances?

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi all, I'm planning a home theatre, and am limited to viewing distance of about 10 ft, and i can have a throw distance up to 12ft about. I was interested in the Benq W1070, but calculators tell me that to have a recommended viewing distance of a minimum of 10ft, throw distance is 10'9''. this...
  9. Benq w1070 noisy

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi guys! I've a Benq w1070 in my bedroom mounted about 1.5/2 meter over my head with a ceiling bracket in reverse position. All works fine but the fan noise it's too high (lamp set to economy) It's possible cover my vpr without damage it? Any tips to reduce fan noise? regards!
  10. Black Widow Ultra with BenQ HT1075

    DIY Screens
    Black Widow Ultra with BenQ HT1075 (newbie questions) Hi, I am new to this forum and very thankful to all the contributors that have made such a great resource. After expending a couple of days reading about the subtleties of proper color reproduction, I would like to ask for some advise before...
  11. BenQ W1070 vs. HT1075

    Home Theater Projectors
    I have found dated info here regarding these 2 projectors, but nothing really recent. Since they have been out in the market for a while now, I wonder if the experts and/or those who own these projectors can help me to decide which one to buy. My set up is an elite 100" 16:9 screen in a...
  12. BenQ W1070 - looking for replacement

    Home Theater Projectors
    I have the BenQ - not happy with the quality of picture and saw the Epson 2030 drop in price to $799.00 - am also considering the Sony 40ES - also just dropped in price but am not sure its worth the money at $1999 - or $1200 more than the Epson ... thoughts? Anyone have either the Epson 2030 or...
  13. BenQ W1070 - best ceiling mount

    Home Theater Projectors
    I have my projector mounted on the ceiling now which is Sheet rock and ceiling joists (2x6 boards) above. The issue is when I try to fine tune the projector position the "height adjustable" poles are not tight and wobble ... looking for a Ceiling mount that is more rigid and would allow for...
  14. BenQ W1070 too bright or room too bright?

    Home Theater Projectors
    Got my projector half fast setup on a shelf for now just to get me to dial in what screen I need to buy. Before buying a screen I painted Kilz2 primer on the wall and the screen looks washed out no matter what I set. This is a photo with my phone but my settings I found was the best was GAMMA...
  15. Is the BenQ w1070 is really as good as they say it is?

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hey guys. I'm just wondering if the BenQ w1070 is really as good as they say it it is. I'm buying my first projector and the w1070 seems to be getting extremely good reviews for the price that it sells at. Has anyone purchased this model and had there been any problems win it? Also, I'm...
  16. Original replacement lamp for a Benq W1070??

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi, I'm just thinking ahead here and my projector is currently working just fine. Does anyone know where I can pick up an original Lamp for a Benq W1070. I heard there is a lot of counterfeit lamps out there and having experienced an exploding bulb on my old Infocus IN72 I don't want to go...
  17. Indecisive Benq W1070

    DIY Screens
    Hey everyone! It's been some time since I built my last screen, a 120" monster using Carl's screen fabric. I've moved to a much smaller location and only have room for an ~80" screen. It is in a basement with low ceilings and completely light controlled. I am using a w1070 and will be...
  18. 3D Glasses for BENQ

    Home Theater Projectors
    New to projectors and am discovering that BENQ requires "Powered" 3D glasses to watch 3D media ... Found these - SainSonic 144HZ 3D Rechargeable Active Shutter Glasses For BenQ W1070 W1080ST W1500 - for less than $30 online. Does anyone have suggestions or alternate options? Like a different...
  19. Epson 3020, Benq HT1075, or Optoma HD141X

    Home Theater Projectors
    Which one would you pick and why ?
  20. BenQ Simplifies Placement Requirements with Its New HT1075 and HT1085ST Projectors

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    In the past year, Home Theater enthusiasts have been smacked silly by a never-ending parade of new Hi-Def and Ultra Hi-Def flat panels, all of which seem to grow bigger by the week. While many of these new displays have a tantalizing allure – loaded with fancy technologies and attention...