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  1. REW 5.1 beta 17 doesn't recognize ASIO driver

    REW Forum
    REW 5.17 beta 12 doesn't recognize ASIO driver Hi there, Used REW 5.17 beta 7 previously with my M-Audio Revolution 7.1 sound card in ASIO mode and it worked fine. I'm trying to use 5.17 beta 12 [current at this date] on Windows 10 with the last-available 64-bit drivers for the Revo7.1 which...
  2. Soundcard calibration - Bug in REW 5.17 Beta 11 ?

    REW Forum
    Hi, I wonder if there is a bug in soundcard calibration in the current beta of REW (very cool software btw). Indeed, when I use 44.1k or 48k sampling rates, bandwitdh is truncated around 10k and 12k. However, using 88.2k and 96k, bandwidth goes over 20k. I tested with Arta and it doesn't...
  3. V.5.17 Beta 11 Acoustic Timing Reference Not Working with HDMI on MAC

    REW Forum
    Hello, I am new to REW and the forum. I installed V.5.17 B11 and was setting it up using my MacBook air speakers and my Berhinger ECM8000 connected to my IrigPro interface. The timing reference sound is heard when I run the measurement. When I connect to HDMI, the timing reference is not...
  4. REW V5.17 Beta 10 smoothing bug

    REW Forum
    Hi John, The smoothing controls are no longer working properly in REW V5.17 Beta 10. - "Remove Smoothing" doesn't work, while "1/48 & 1/24" give the same "look" ( & that "look" seems to be some variation of smoothing values derived from between 1/12 > 1/24 ). I can't say how long this problem...
  5. V5.14 beta 12

    REW Forum
    V5.14 beta 12 is now available from the installers directory. I've made a few updates relating to distortion in this beta, including an option to show the phases of harmonics on the RTA: and the ability to add distortion to the sine wave generator output: I have also added the ability to...
  6. WinISD Beta and SPL question

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I'm looking at WinISD beta (not pro), and used "Dayton 10." When I look at the box it gives about 2.6 ft.^3, vented box, tuned to 33Hz. When I look a the SPL tab, it shows output all the way to zero. With wattage at 1, I can move the graph all the way to 20Hz and it says 76db. Does that...
  7. Problem Using ASIO drivers In Beta Version

    REW Forum
    Hi, I have a LYNX L22 and using the newest beta version of 5.01 of REW, every time I try selecting the ASIO drivers for the card in the upper right hand corner of, I think, the sound card calibration window (I don't remember exactly which page it was on, but I know it happened right at the...
  8. Safest bet

    REW Forum
    New REW user here. I need to make some measurements next week. mostly they are acoustical in nature, i.e. not too interested in relative arrival times between speakers etc. yet. I have a Windows 7 laptop, and an RME Fireface UC card, which works well so far. I normally use ASIO with other...
  9. REW 5.0 or REW Beta

    REW Forum
    I'm about to start using REW to calibrate my system but am unsure of which version of REW would be best to use. I understand BETA may have some issues that have not yet been worked out, but maybe it's stable enough with newer features that it would be recommended to start with. My system...
  10. My first try REW Beta 20 w/ umm6

    REW Forum
    I got my UMM6 USB mic and set up REW today - got the mic from dayton so i hope it's ok since it hasn't been calibrated by cross spectrum. I level calibrated every speaker on my NR609 to 75db (the 2eq had them at about 73db. I did this with my subs also after turning off any EQ i had applied to...
  11. Export measurement as text: frequency resolution changed in beta?

    REW Forum
    I have a .mdat file that was created in the 5.0 production version from a measurement done back in 2012. At that time, I exported it as text and still have the saved files. The measurement was from 40 Hz to 200 Hz. Smoothing is off. The file header looks like this: * Format: 256k Log...
  12. Audio issues - REW 5.01 Beta 19 Linux 14.04

    REW Forum
    Hi all, Anyone know of any issues with REW 5.01 Beta 19 Linux 14.04 that cause an inconsistent output? It pulses on and off. Cheers, Andy :help:
  13. Room EQ Wizard V5.01 Beta 18 and 19 Released

    REW Forum
    just received this email telling me about the changes in the EQ Wizard. I know this has something to do with room equalization and I have used the microphone that has come with my Denon 311CI but I have no idea how to use the EQ Wizard. Is there anyone out there who knows how to explain this to...
  14. Beta 20 Request

    REW Forum
    When using the Generator for Sine Wave or Pink Noise (or whatever), then running a regular measurement sweep, when you come back to the Generator it shows the end-of-measurement-sweep frequency. It would be nice if you could switch back to the Generator and have it show the same signal type and...
  15. Suggestion for beta 20

    REW Forum
    Nice job adding the "Save trace colour with measurement" setting in Preferences! When one tries to exit REW with unsaved measurements, REW issues a warning that measurements should be saved. It would be nice if as one customizes the trace colours, re-arranges the displayed order of...
  16. Beta 18 won't install on Win7

    REW Forum
    Downloaded the installation file named "47635d1395597340-v5-01-beta-downloads-asio-support-wizardinstallv5.01beta18.exe" from the downloads area, and the file will not install on either one of my Win7 systems (one 64-bit, one 32-bit). Is the file corrupt?
  17. Titanfall Beta

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Anyone else catch the limited Titanfall beta on XB1 the other day?
  18. Latest REW Beta & UMM-6 mic

    REW Forum
    REW tells me that I do not need to calibrate the UMM-6 mic for SPL, but when I compare the SPL REW indicates with my Radio Shack SPL there is about a 10 db difference. 1. Bad Radio Shack meter? 2. Bad UMM-6? 3. Bug in REW?
  19. REW 5.01 beta 17 won't launch on Mac

    REW Forum
    I am trying to run REW 5.01 beta 17 on a Mac running OS 10.6.8. I've looked through many of the threads, but frankly there is so much here that it's a bit overwhelming. I'm getting the following error message when I try to launch: Exception during startup Message...
  20. New Beta REW

    REW Forum
    Wow the new REW Beta Has a room simulator Awesome. :clap: I also added to My testing computer the Lexicon Lambda audio interface. (not an advertisement). I use this one to test and gather information about my room. I need to recalibrate right ? :blink: