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  1. REW Forum
    I've followed / used the work of Dr. Earl Geddes to tune automotive audio systems professionally to down right spooky / lifelike results. I used specialized commercially available hardware and software to achieve this. But who can afford this if they want to apply similar principles at home...
  2. REW Forum
    I am trying an experiment. Is there any way to get REW to accept input from LEFT and RIGHT channels at the same time and perhaps sum them? Or, will I need to do the summation of L/R on a Binaural MIC set via hardware (summing amplifier) and then send the summed signal to LEFT or RIGHT channel...
  3. SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Hey all, I just started with REW, and so far so good! I'm using a portable mic setup I used for ambient field recordings: sound-professional in-ear binaural mics that I run thru a core audio portable a/d converter (Core Sound Mic2496) to run into my mac and am able to get room readings, etc...
1-3 of 3 Results