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  1. Audio Processing
    So just to clarify, is CD music really better quality than DVD? From a technical standpoint... The bitrate of CD's is 1411kbps right? But AC-3 audio has a maximum bit rate of 448 for 5.1 channels. DTS with 48khz sample rate has a bit rate of 754.5kbps. So does that mean from purely a...
  2. Audio Processing
    I recently bought a home theater system, specifically a Sony BDV-N590. My question is that when I start the PS3 in LPCM games in all, the receiver tells me that the bit rate is 576 kbps (LPCM 5.1Ch 576 kbs). Is not that a very low bit rate for a LPCM 5.1? Sorry, I´m Newbie.:sad:
  3. Chat Box SWAMP
    Just in case anyone was interested, iTunes 9.1 update adds the option to turn on automatic bitrate conversion to 128kbps AAC files when you add songs from iTunes to your iPod. This means that your lossless (or higher bitrate MP3s) will be left intact on your computer, and automatically...