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  1. Audio Processing
    So just to clarify, is CD music really better quality than DVD? From a technical standpoint... The bitrate of CD's is 1411kbps right? But AC-3 audio has a maximum bit rate of 448 for 5.1 channels. DTS with 48khz sample rate has a bit rate of 754.5kbps. So does that mean from purely a...
  2. Audio Processing
    I recently bought a home theater system, specifically a Sony BDV-N590. My question is that when I start the PS3 in LPCM games in all, the receiver tells me that the bit rate is 576 kbps (LPCM 5.1Ch 576 kbs). Is not that a very low bit rate for a LPCM 5.1? Sorry, I´m Newbie.:sad:
1-2 of 3 Results