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  1. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    For the end caps and for making flares, what router bits should I buy ? I need one to cut out the caps, and I need one to round the edges of the caps for finishing. I also need a larger one for the port flairs. Newfie Speed and Sport has several bits and sets...
  2. DIY Speakers
    I found a dewalt 618 fixed/plunge router on craigslist for $90 thing's like brand new! i need to get bits 1/4 spiral up cut and 3/4 flat bottom right? Carbide for sure. Where do you all get your bits or what brand do you use? There seems to be big price differences
  3. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Where would be the best place to buy Router Bits ??
  4. DIY Speakers
    Looking at the picture bellow it becomes apparent that a large diameter roundover is crucial to speakers' smooth response in the upper range. Now the problem is that I have a 1/4" router and as hard as I've been looking I could not find a roundover bit with radius larger than 1/2". I was...
  5. Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Forgive me asking (considering it has been covered - in some way - dozens of times before, as far as I can read) but it is about the usual input level settings for the BFD (1124p). I need your help to interpret the best solution: When setting the input level of the BFD one can either calibrate...
  6. Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    What is the Bits Smart Strip? "Plug your computer (or other device) into the blue "Control" outlet and your peripherals into the white "Automatically Switched" outlets. When you turn the PC (or other device) on, the Smart Strip turns on the "Automatically Switched" outlets and when you turn the...
  7. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Just updated this list with the new toys I've added over the last year. my rather meagre setup. HTPC running XP, USB creative LX optical link to pioneer reciever (base-ish model). I have a Sansui 10Band EQ and Pinoeer RG9 but am not using them at the moment (room still undergoing...
  8. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I know this is kind of a lame question but my experience with routers is limited. I just bought a Craftsman 2HP router and wondered what bit you use to cut out your endcaps? Also, does anyone have a suggestion for circle or compass jigs? Not sure which one will fit the router or work best for...
  9. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Can someone recommend what router bits I should start out with? I know we discussed it once in another thread, but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. Basically, what would I need if I were going to build a subwoofer box? Thanks!
  10. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Movie/TV Hitachi 42PD6600 Denon AVR3806 Denon DVD3910 Humax 9500 Music MF A308 Pre Amp MF A308 Power Amp MF Nu-Vista 3D CD Player Dynaudio Facettes (fronts) Kef 200C (centre) IAS Brockenhurst (rears) SVS PB12 x 2 (subs) Chord Signature Interconnects Black Rhodium Concerto Interconnects Room...
1-10 of 10 Results