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  1. PS3 set to Bitstream??

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a "super slim" PS3, 250 gig running through an Onkyo HT-R680...I have heard at least 5 different ways to set up audio...Most people say to set it to Bitstream for best blu ray audio..is this correct??...When I set it to Bitstream, it said "some audio quality may be lost"...So, am I doing...
  2. External / Internal DAC cd player streamer Htpc bitstream?

    Audio Processing
    Folks, I have had something on my mind that has bothered me for the last 12 months now and despite endless searching have no answer as yet. I have a pretty decent system. Kef 205/2 fronts Kef 204/2 centre, rotel 1572 processor, b&w rears, emotivia expr 5 amp etc. Everything sounds good right...
  3. Bitstream or PCM?

    System Setup and Connection
    Can you kind chaps help with these photo's I snapped. Just setting up a Panasonic Blu ray player connected to my Onkyo receiver. I want the best audio qaulity and not sure about the settings on these menu's? Bitstream or PCM? What is Bitstream and PCM? In layman's terms!:) I was trying to spam...
  4. Hidden drc, bitstream vs pcm

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I prefer having a 2.1 setup in the living room. However I've known for a while that there are drc issues when down mixing. So I brought out the spl meter and hooked up 5.1 and did some testing. I get the same readings from my sub if I switch to stereo, turn off speakers, or full 5.1. I did a...
  5. Bitstream from PS3 slim

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    Hi All! First posting. I just purchased a new Playstation 3. I have hooked the PS3 output HDMI into a Pioneer SC-05 then output HDMI from the receiver to the TV. If I choose bitstream from the PS menu there is no audio to be heard. It seems you must use the PS3 codec to get HD sound. The...
  6. PCM, Bitstream (re-encode), or BItstream (audiophile)?

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a Denon AVR-1610 and Samsung Blu-ray BD-P1600. I have turned off dynamic compression and PCM downsampling on the samsung, but I was wondering if I should use the PCM or Bitstream(audiophile) option. I have everything connected via HDMI and am looking for the best sound. What settings will...
  7. Bitstream or multichannel

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Hello, I´m about to buy a BD and I don´t know what would be better. There are several options in the market. I have an Onkyo's TXSR605 and i want to now if it is better for me to buy a BD with multichannel output or use my A/V's codecs with beatstream. Thanks!!:huh:
  8. PCM vs Bitstream

    System Setup and Connection
    Please help me settle a minor dispute. A source device which shall go nameless (it's not hi-fi gear, it's a mass produced retail item that sells for about $300) and we'll say hypothetically say it's capable of either bitstream or PCM via its HDMI output to your middle/hi-end hi-fi receiver...
  9. Bitstream or linear pcm?

    AV Home Theater
    I have a ps3 hooked up to my brand new Onkyo 705...My question is, what is the difference between bitstream and linear pcm? What setting, on the PS3 will give me the best sound?.....Thanks
  10. PC vs. Bitstream HT-S894

    System Setup and Connection
    Hello again (and again). Seems like audio on TV shows sound better than DVD's so far. I have the DVD player in & out HDMI and the TV optical. I'm sure there are a bunch of settings not right yet (I hope so at least). The DVD player is reading Dolby Digital and the movies are DD. And can...