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  1. Explaining bi-wire / bi-amp speakers (idiot’s guide please!)

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    If a speaker has four binding posts for two times the (usual) number of speaker cables, then what does removing the binding posts (linking the two pairs) actually do? I am not clear if this by-passes the high/ low passive filter in the speaker or not. If it does not do that, I cannot see how...
  2. To Bi-wire or not?

    System Setup and Connection
    I'm a Yamahaphile of sorts, it's what I've been buying for the last 2 decades at least. I recently insisted to my girlfriend, "I want my big speaker HT again" I think she was tired of dusting it. Anyway I started with a pair of Yamaha NS-777s and was introduced to the Bi-wiring concept. At the...
  3. FS: FS or FT New 15' M1.4s biwire

    Classifieds - Remotes, Cables and Accessories
    bought at a store liquidation bought last three the spare one i have does need a new screww on spade( if you want pics of what i mean by spade i can email or post). 15' no box but new never used the stores last day was today i searched the store got some great deal. either 125.00 shipping...
  4. B&W CM7s Bi-Amp or Bi-wire

    Home Audio Speakers
    I just purchased the Bowers and Wilkins CM7s, CM Center and the CM1s for the rear, in the manual it says you can Bi-Wire them but says nothing about Bi-Amping, I have the Onkyo TX-SR606 and you can use the surround rear channel for Bi-Amping the front left and right. I was wondering if anyone...
  5. B&W 804S's, Single or Bi-Wire?

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    My dealer told me on Saturday there is no need to bi-wire my 804S's due to the design of the speakers? :coocoo: The speaker manual state to bi-wire "at minimum", as do many forum opinions and pro-reviews. Also, dealer claims spades are better than bananas & bare wire. Do you agree...