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  1. Mitusibishi 55807 service blink 2-1

    I know this is an old question. But my mothers tv is not working and i need to get it going fast before she calls me again. Help! Msim
  2. No power, 6 or 7 blink LED pattern

    Many of the power supplies in the last few generations of CRT based Sony sets used a controller IC to drive the FETs made by Shindengen with the type number MCZ3001D or MCZ3001DB. These chips have tended to fail in the high voltage supply (usually IC800x) giving a 6x or 7x blink code. The...
  3. Mitsubishi 1-2 blink code but bulb not blown??

    So i have a WD-57732 dlp tv. the Bulb seems ok- i checked it and it isnt popped or broken. i couldnt see inside for the wires however. there is a small white fuzzy spot in the middle of the bulb glass. however, the tv will not turn on and i get the same red lamp out light after it tries to power...