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  1. When my sub grows up (not blows up)

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    On another thread, Tonyvdb started me wondering about nether regions of subterrannean bass my system is not mining. :scratchchin: I've been combing over some of the subwoofer forums and recent threads about bass extension to see if there's a quick solution but wouldn't ya knooooo-oooohw, it's...
  2. TP48D50 convergence / blows pico fuse

    Hi Guys, My 21 year old poor college kid son got a Toshiba TP48D50 given to him. It was free because it has a convergence issue. I did some research and found it's normally caused by the stk chips and I even found a Toshiba Service Tip sheet to follow. The TV info: Toshiba 48", Model...