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  1. RCA Power Supply Board Replacement

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Last weekend I was wakened by a thunderclap that sounded like a cannon was fired just outside my window. Later when I got up I started noticing some problems. My fridge was out due to a tripped breaker. The old stereo in my bedroom was powered but mute. The computer in my office had no internet...
  2. Board replacement

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    I have Blaupunkt 32"TV (Model No. 32/1471-GB-5B-HBKUP-EU) that has stopped working believed to be the LED driver. I have sourced a replacement board with the same number (tp.msd309.bp85 / 02-shy09b-chu1). The seller has said that as long as the number is the same it will work but I have read...
  3. HMDI ARC, Samsung UN46H5203, does not have on board!

    Audio Processing
    Hello, I do apologize, but I posted on the Home Theater forum, but this makes more sense to park it here, because it's addressing my main problem. ADMIN: Sorry, if you need to remove other thread, please do so. thank you! :blink: HELLO FELLOW SHACKERZ...:wave:. I have this: Yamaha RX-V676...
  4. Onkyo TX-NR509 HDMI board dead. Replacement options?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    So it seems the HDMI board on my TX-NR509 is dead, which apparently is a common issue. I'd hate to scrap the whole receiver but I've been having trouble locating the replacement part online. Does anyone know where I can buy one? Or is it likely to cost more than the receiver itself?
  5. New addict on board

    New Member Introductions
    Just found this site, seems like a great place to learn and feed my addiction lol
  6. How to increase sound on a diy amplifier board

    DIY Audio
    Hello friends,me and a friend of mine that lives next door,are having pigeon problems,so we tought about making a diy amplifier board to put predetors call like hawk(We don't want to use glue or sticks to hurt the birds)so we got one like the pic attached http://postimg.org/image/uw8o2fmo9/...
  7. Samsung HLR5067W Problems after DMD Board Install

    Swapped out the board in my TV after it was having black vertical lines on all inputs and all menus. Installed the new board with no issues and now it won't fire up. It tries 3 times and than all 3 LEDs flash as if I should replace the bulb but with the back cover off I can clearly see the bulb...
  8. Anyone know how to test a SDR-U and SDR-D board with a multimeter?

    I am checking the SDR Logic and Ysus board on my P50V701 Hitatchi. I replaced the capacitors that were puffy. Still nothing on my television, however, the blue flashing LED do not flash at all. It's a solid blue but than switches over to a solid standby mode. I bought a 7 Function CEN-TECH...
  9. hlr5067w digital board issue or something else?

    Hi Guys, I just replaced the lamp on a hlr5067wx/xaa tv that i found outside my apartment complex, I do not know what else was wrong with the tv before. But after i put the new lamp in and power it up than I get purple and white static like bars across the tv. Any idea what is causing this. I...
  10. Hitachi TV SDR-D Board

    Hello and thanks for any and all replies. I have a Hitachi P50S601. The other day it would not show anything on the screen and the light would blink three times. I read the board and took it apart and found two capacitors bulging on the Power Board. I replaced them. When I turned it back on it...
  11. Samsung HLS6187 DMD Board= You have to be kidding me?!?!?

    Long story short, my 6187 stopped turning on, leading me to believe that a light had gone or something... Well, I took the back of the TV off, and to my suprise, the pin connector, with the wire in it HAD SNAPPED OFF THE DMD BOARD! The whole assembly, the one labled "CN102", has completely...
  12. B.A.S.H. board

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Are the bash sub boards as good as the web makes them out to be?
  13. Thrifty White Board ?

    DIY Screens
    Anyone have success using the thrifty white board as a painting substrate? I like this for two primary reasons: 1) cheap, cheap, cheap compared to a piece of Sintra or Laminate that cost around $50-60 if you could find a local distributor. 2) easily accessible. get it from a home depot. i...
  14. Video input/output board

    Brand new to site and in reading I guess I have many more problems yet to experience, whoopee. I have a Samsung HLR6167WX/XAA DLP TV. The inputs on the main input board have been failing over time, 1st the HDMI, then the components now only the AV on the side works. I can get input if I jiggle...
  15. Samsung HLS4266/XAA Lamp replaced, DMD Board?

    I have a Samsung HLS4266/XAA that is a few years old, and recently it exibits a problem where it turns on, displays on the screen, and turns off after a few seconds. The Red lights on the power button come on. "TIMER" AND "LAMP" are in green and "STANDBY/TEMP" are in red. I replaced the lamp...
  16. HL-R5067W Replaced Digital Board - No Sound

    Hello All: I received my digital board in the mail today and installed it in my HL-R5067W. Now, I don't have any sound and no option on the screen for Component so no HD. All it has is TV in my Source List I have a coax running from the wall into my cable box into the TV. That seems to give me...
  17. Can you swap coils on a main board? L32WD12

    I have had this L32WD12 laying around for quit awhile now and finally found the board I was needing. The old board would tweak out when connected HDMI, so I took the TV apart and found that the board was covered in electronic blood as I would call it. Something popped, couldn't really tell what...
  18. HLR5067W Digital Board / HDMI option

    Hello All: I have read a lot of the great posts on her about the know Digital Board problem with the Samsung HLR5067W. I tried the suggestion of the clamp/screw on the DNIe chip. However, this did not work for me. So I have a few questions: First my problem is as follows: The problem I am...
  19. HLR5667W Channel Program, Digital Board ?

    Maybe someone can help me ? I have repaired a few of these HLRXX67 dlp's in the past by replacing the digital boards. But this one has me a little puzzled ???? The tv works fine with basic cable going into the coax connection but when I do a channel scan it only picks up channels around 49...
  20. HL-T5676SX/XAA - Black Screen - Bad digital board?

    Hi I have a HL-T5676SX/XAA - and I have what appears to be a totally black screen with very faint white "smudges" visible. No picture on any input, no audio, no menus. Lamp is working, ballast is working, color wheel working. No flashing indicator lights on front (other than typical ones on...