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    from hollywoodreporter, ===== RIP to Roger Moore, he was my 007 actor since I grew up watching James Bond under his watch. I also remember watching him in the series "The Saint".. Great actor. RIP.
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    For all our Canadian Bond fans today only (November 14) Amazon.ca has the complete 50 Bluray disc Bond box set for $89. Ordered it just now as Ive not seen it that low in a long time.
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    Greetings everyone! I am making a custom setup for a bedroom home theater that is hidden when not in use. I am looking for a controller to operate the linear actuators 12v and LED lighting 12v independantly from any a/v system. I would like the system to open and close via a hard wired...
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    http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/21t9n3r0iDL._SL500_.jpg Ready to win a Sony BDP-S350 Blu-ray Player AND New James Bond Boxed Set? Our friends over at HomeTheaterReview.com just put up a sweepstakes that gives away a Sony BDP-S350 "profile 2.0" Blu-ray player AND the new James Bond boxed...
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    James Bond Good evening, sir. M It happens to be 3 a.m. When do you sleep, 007? James Bond Never on the firm's time, sir. [/CENTER] Craig's Bond has many of the same traits as these early Connery offerings. Bond is charming but is rough around the edges. He is not a true blue blood...
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    007 is back and with royal treatment. Q It is to be handled with special care! James Bond Everything you give me... Q ...is treated with equal contempt. Yes, I know. [/CENTER] I compared the older Ultimate Edition Bond transfers to the new Bluray editions, and to be honest, on a 55"...
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    Originally available only in box sets in 2006, the "Ultimate Edition" Sean Connery James Bond films are now being sold individually in Wal-mart discount stores with new lenticular 3-D DVD jacket covers so I thought I'd review them. I purchased one of the box sets which also contained some of...