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  1. Home Theater Design and Construction
    In April, we will be building a new garage and converting our existing garage into a game room, or a multi use space. I want to create a media closet for the HT equipment, as well as general storage. My initial idea is to create a 5' x 3' insulated closet, use double sliding doors on the...
  2. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    GameStop offering bonus credit to those trading-up to Xbox One titles GameStop is giving owners of incoming Xbox 360 games additional trade-in credit should they wish to upgrade to the Xbox One versions. Anyone looking to trade Xbox 360 editions of Call of Duty: Ghosts...
  3. Home Theater Design and Construction
    Unfortunately I don't have the space to build a dedicated HT room so I have to make some compromises. I have never owned a projector so I am not 100% sure what to expect and I am looking for design/planning feedback. My main requirements are to be able to use this room for both HT and as a...
  4. Home Theater Design and Construction
    I'll try to keep this short so no one will glaze over, but let me first provide some back story so you all know where I'm coming from. About 3.5 years ago I built my first home. Did a ton of work myself, all in the name of making a buck. We sold the home this past Spring and have been in a...
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  8. Home Theater Design and Construction
    So here's what I'd like to do. In my bonus room I'd like to put some kind of shelving on each side of my fireplace/tv. I like the idea of the floating shelves. I would need enough shelving for my amp blu ray player Xbox and cable box. Would like some ideas and where to purchase the shelving. I...
  9. Home Theater Design and Construction
    Does anyone have a HT in the bonus room above their garage? I've seen one that looked as though it was above his garage, the sloped walks kinda gave it away? Just wanted to see pics and hear of any problems with hvac or anything else, thanks!
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  11. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I've got a fun project going on putting my TV on the wall and building shelves into the walls on each side of the TV. Only problem is that my current subwoofer does not fit into the wall cubby. The space for my new subwoofer will be underneath the lowest shelf on the left. It's a space...
1-11 of 27 Results