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  1. Home Theater System Recommendations
    I'm adding onto my current Home Theater setup, which currently has: Marantz SR6005 Receiver, L/R/C Paradigms 100/60 Series, Dayton 10 inch Sub. I'm looking to add two more speakers and am trying to decide between HSU MK2 Bookshelf or Martin Logan FX2s. I'm really leaning towards the MLs as...
  2. SVSound
    does anyone own or have heard sbs02 bookshelfs and the scs mains is there realy that much of a difference to justify a 150.00 difference...thanks
  3. Home Theater Seating and Accessories
    Hi I have some nice new Paradigm SE1's and looking for some sturdy stands (I have a hyper puppy), any recommendations in budget line? Whats a good way to mount them to the stand? Velcro?
  4. Home Audio Speakers
    I'll be building a home theater this winter. I already have a Panasonic AX200u projector. I currently have a Pioneer VSX-517 5.1 cheapo system. I cringe when I listen to it. I want to build a new stereo one set of components at a time. I'll be limited to 2,000 bucks for the whole thing. I...
  5. Home Audio Speakers
    I have been auditioning every bookshelf speaker I can. Since I plan to mate the speakers with a sub in a 2.1 system, I have not worried about bass performance. The Paradigm Signature S-1 has impressed with it's capability in the mid and high frequencies. No other speaker has extended as high as...
  6. Home Audio Speakers
    Would anyone out there know if these would be a good match with my paradigm center speaker, or should i go with the paradigm mini mons.I can get infinity and jbl at cost, i've read good things about the infinity primus series but it all boils down to the center speaker matching, i currently have...
1-6 of 6 Results