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  1. Bass Boomy

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I do not have any way to measure my room right now, but I can tell you that my room is boomy. I need to get some corner bass traps. I just heard about the new Flex Range Technology from GIK. Is this available for a corner bass trap. I was looking at the Tri-trap corner bass traps for my front...
  2. How to help a boomy sub?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Recently built a Dayton Ultimax 15" sub. 8 cu/f enclosure, two 6" ports tuned to 18.5 Hz powered by a Dayton 1000 watt plate amp. The really puts out the bass but at times I do find it boomy sounding. What is the best way to help this? I did put some insulation in the box, not a lot just lined...
  3. If I replace the speaker in my subwoofer will it sound less boomy?

    DIY Speakers
    I have an older subwoofer, Mirage PS-10. Driver is blown (I've tested it. It is.) If I find a newer driver that will match the enclosure (it is sealed not ported and no I don't know what to put in it), will it sound less boomy with a newer driver? It is what it is? Just an old boomy sub...
  4. Another boomy home theater

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Well, like a few other posters here I have a boomy home theater. It's 15x15 with 12' ceilings. I'm not joking here but all four walls are stone. And the floor is granite. 'Nuf said. My knowlegde base is very limited, so while I appreciate comments, links would be helpful also. In case...
  5. Non dedicated "boomy" room

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hello, here is my room which is little too "boomy" for me, and has a little too much echo. I think I have to add some audio treatment, but the size of the room is not very helpful. First of all, I want to cover the front wall, and may be, the first part of side wall with rock wool and a fabric...