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  1. Circuit Breaker

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hi, The circuit breaker dedicated to my media room is randomly tripping at times. It usually happens when something loud happens....It is a 15a arch fault breaker. The three main pieces of equipment that I have powered by the circuit aalong with their rated amperage are: receiver - 8.1A Sub...
  2. Poll - TRIO12 Butt Kicker Or TRIO12 Lease Breaker

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Hello folks. I'm working on two different horn designs that will be barn burners and lease breakers. I started working on them in June so this is not a me to Danley thread. These two offerings are legitimate front loaded horns. Not tapped horns. They both when loaded into a corner have...
  3. How many ep2500 can you run off a 15amp breaker

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Hi, all I've been putting my home theater build on hold for life events, but I've had alls I can stand and I cant stands no more. lol My orig plan was to convert my garage into a theater, when we had the house built we had 5 seprate 15amp breakers installed for future plans. But now...
  4. Tie Breaker!!!!

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Vote for your favorite of the 2! here's what early winter looks like in these parts... Top of Mt. Steel Dec 27, 2004