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    Comcast has joined forces with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, Lionsgate, Paramount Home Media Distribution, and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to bring Xfinity customers closer to a physical disc experience with the launch of “enhanced movie extras.” Using a new technology standard...
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    The Windy City has been a cold destination for the last 5 months, but things are about to heat-up. This coming Friday (April 24), Chicago is rolling-out the red carpet for audiophiles and high-end audio manufacturers for a third straight year by welcoming back Audio Expo North America (AXPONA)...
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    Yesterday, LG made a huge splash at CES 2015; knees tucked and jumping from a high dive, ripples still inhabit the pool. The South Korean electronics giant introduced its new television lineup, new gaming monitors, and a new smart TV platform. It would appear that enthusiasts looking for a...
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    Desktop users and headphone users will soon be able to buy a version of the famed BSG Technologies qøl signal completion stage processor for under $150 bucks!!!! The new unit called the øreveel and will sell for...get this....$119:dumbcrazy:!!!! The standalone completion stage sells for $2400...
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    Amazon brings "second screen" TV feature to its Kindle Fire HDX tablets Amazon plans to take the functionality of tablets a step further and into the living room with its new line of Kindle Fire HDX devices. The new living room feature adds to Amazon's Instant Video service, by providing users...
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    Panta Rhei Engine PS4 tech demo brings the heat A new PlayStation 4 tech demo for the Panta Rhei Engine is now available, and it’s a pyromaniac’s dream. The engine will power Capcom’s Deep Down, and shows the wide variety of incredibly realistic flames that will probably...
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    Smart phones these days are really just mini computers because of how powerful they are and everything that they can do. I know of one person, for example that runs a home based Internet business just from her phone (and that includes blogging), plus she uses it as her primary entertainment...
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    Press Release: ONLINE PRE-ORDERS OPEN TODAY FOR HIGHLY ANTICIPATED VIZIO CO-STAR™ STREAM PLAYER WITH GOOGLE TV™ FOR $99.99, SOLD EXCLUSIVELY ON VIZIO.COM Free-Shipping Offer Available for a Limited Time WHAT: VIZIO, America's #1 LCD HDTV Company*, announced today pre-order availability of its...
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1-13 of 37 Results