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    Just as the title says, is there ant broadcast TV with HD surround or is everything in Dolby Digital or stereo? I tried a Google search but nothing really came up. Thanks!
  2. Audio Processing
    Hello to everyone: i was wondering if MPEG 4 AAC SBR or HE profiles meets the audiophile grade requirements for a good audio experience in HDTV television broadcasts? i am wondering because where i am from we adopted an system of HDTV that uses MPEG4 for video and M4A AAC SBR for audio...
  3. HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Rather than continue my views on 3D in the separate News threads, I figured I'd move it here and let everyone join in with their views on 3D. I have watched a couple of things in 3D recently. The first was the IMAX Blu-ray Hubble. That show was pretty good. I experienced a little bit of...
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1-5 of 17 Results