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  1. Formula 1 could see high definition broadcasts (except for in-car cameras) next year

    In our last crazy Bernie Ecclestone update, the F1 boss had suggested we could be two years away from high definition Formula 1 broadcasts, but since then he's apparently indicated it could happen as soon as next year. Last week, he apparently told German media that he's "not sure" whether...
  2. Around the Horn, Pardon the Interruption switching to HD broadcasts September 27

    Sports fans were promised high definition versions of Pardon the Interruption and Around the Horn this fall, and it looks like we will get them. Not that we really need to see Jay Marriotti or Dan LeBatard in 720p, but beyond just expanding the Adande Lounge to 16:9, we should see more sports...
  3. ESPN 3D schedules 13 college football broadcasts this season; Va. Tech / Boise St. is first

    After unveiling the standard college football schedule, ESPN has seen fit to reveal the first three of the 13 games it plans to broadcast in 3D this season. Boise State will face Virginia Tech on September 6, a Monday night, while Ohio State and Miami will do battle September 11, before...
  4. Japan still looking into holographic broadcasts for World Cup 2022

    Sure, we'd prefer if Japan spent its time working on giant mecha suits to combat any potential alien threats, but right now the National Institute of Information and Communications Studies seems focused on trying to create holographic broadcast technology in an effort to secure Japan as the...
  5. n3D channel launches 24-hour 3D broadcasts on DirecTV July 1

    Just missing its projected June launch window, n3D will be introduced to the world by its proud parents, DirecTV and Panasonic, July 1 at 9:30 a.m. If you have DirecTV's HD service (plus a 3DTV and the right receiver, you'll be able to tune in once the switch is flipped at the launch even in New...
  6. French Tennis Open 3D broadcasts going out across Europe

    The French Tennis Open is under way at Roland Garros and, courtesy of Panasonic, all matches played on centre Court, Court Phlippe Chatrier, will be broadcast in 3D to retail locations in the UK and Ireland and to Orange TV subscribers across France. This is the first time we've seen tennis...
  7. What Is The Frame Rate Of ATSC broadcasts?

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    I thought that high definition broadcasts used a frame rate of 30fps, like NTSC, but from a few passing references, it looks like ATSC broadcasts are at 60fps. But after some looking around, I have not yet found much of any information as to what frame rate is used for ATSC. Sooooo, my question...