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  1. The upgrade bug.

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I'm looking at used Yamaha AVRs and I can pick up an RX-A2000 for $300. I looked at the specs and it dawned on me that it doesn't support Dolby Atmos... That started with the xx40 series. SInce I have all PSBs, I looked at the asking price for their Imagine XA Dolby Atmos speakers. Asking price...
  2. v5.18 bug: Filtered IR frequency drop-down greyed out

    REW Forum
    I have a saved measurement in which the Filtered IR frequency selection drop-down is greyed out, locked in a certain setting. Also, just loading that file starts keeping the CPU busy. The fix I found is to uncheck and recheck Zero Phase Filtering (in Filtered IR's Controls). Is this a known...
  3. Distortion Overlays Problems

    REW Forum
    I am using the latest MacOS REW version 5.19 beta 3 to display multiple distortion plots. When I try to switch some controls, nothing changes in the graph. This usually includes changing from per cent distortion to dB levels, sometimes changing the type of distortion, and rarely when changing...
  4. [BUG] Change rise time on decay chart applies to all measurements

    REW Forum
    open 2 measurements go to the decay chart and generate decay for each one using default values go to 1st chart, change slice interval, graph updates go to 2nd chart, slice is still at default change rise time, graph updates go back to 1st chart, rise time change from 2nd chart persists and graph...
  5. [bug?] Asio drivers not populated on startup with 5.19b2

    REW Forum
    Installed 5.19b2 and now the driver drop down is empty on startup. I have to switch to Java and back to asio to get it to populate.
  6. new member with upgrade bug

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I'm trying to decide between Yamaha cx-a5100, anthem avm60 and Marantz 7703 any opinions would be appreciated.
  7. [BUG] 5.18 seems completely broken

    REW Forum
    I updated to 5.18 today and now nothing works. If I go into the preferences, select output device as usual and hit check levels then the level meters do nothing except sit at the noise floor. I then hit complete, the meters continue running and all buttons are now greyed out. Application is...
  8. Soundcard calibration - Bug in REW 5.17 Beta 11 ?

    REW Forum
    Hi, I wonder if there is a bug in soundcard calibration in the current beta of REW (very cool software btw). Indeed, when I use 44.1k or 48k sampling rates, bandwitdh is truncated around 10k and 12k. However, using 88.2k and 96k, bandwidth goes over 20k. I tested with Arta and it doesn't...
  9. [BUG] the FDW suffix on measurements is repeated multiple times

    REW Forum
    the new [FDW] suffix on a measurement, in beta 11, seems like it gets added repeatedly in some cases and not at all in others. It looks like it adds it to a measurement every time the ir window dialog is opened and an FDW is activated so you quickly get a measurement name like CW [FDW]...
  10. [BUG?] White Noise Generator does not respect low+high cut

    REW Forum
    using beta 11, to reproduce; open signal generator select White PN select Custom check both low cut and high cut (e.g. 50 and 200) generate noise verify output in tool of choice output is for 0-highcut Hz it seems the low cut is ignored, not sure if intentional pink pn does respect both check...
  11. Room EQ Wizard bug with BFD FBQ2496

    REW Forum
    I have encountered a bug with REW and the FBQ2496, affecting all EQ settings that are sent as BOTH channels to the FBQ. It's most noticeable with a full-range signal. After sending EQ settings via 'both' channels (not separately) to the FBQ via REW, a power cycle of the FBQ will introduce an...
  12. REW V5.17 Beta 10 smoothing bug

    REW Forum
    Hi John, The smoothing controls are no longer working properly in REW V5.17 Beta 10. - "Remove Smoothing" doesn't work, while "1/48 & 1/24" give the same "look" ( & that "look" seems to be some variation of smoothing values derived from between 1/12 > 1/24 ). I can't say how long this problem...
  13. RT60 showing zero reverb. Bug?

    REW Forum
    Hello I use REW for teaching and this issue constantly arises. When analysing the RT60 of an impulse response a certain frequency range will show zero reverb time (see attachment). I am very familiar with REW and am quite sure I am doing everything correctly, though maybe not ;) Has anyone...
  14. Distortion Bug?

    REW Forum
    Is it possible that REW is skipping distortion measurement on the 'first' measurement performed right after opening the application?
  15. [BUG?] Excess Phase view is "corrupted" after application of FDW

    REW Forum
    Something here seems to be behaving oddly Here's a measurement, usual default window applied (125ms L, 500ms R) and minimum phase generated added a 6 cycle FDW (the no of cycles doesn't appear to matter) and regenerate minimum phase, EGD is looking odd pressed ctrl+alt+6 twice to reapply...
  16. Possible bug?

    REW Forum
    Hi all, Could you please take a look at the screenshot below? The only difference between the measurements is the upper limit of the frequency range (50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz, and 500Hz). Is there an explanation for why the line all of sudden becomes flat up to 60Hz when I increase the upper range of...
  17. REW Bug?

    REW Forum
    JohnPM, For some time now the REW has been plotting the SPL/Phase response below the window size as a solid line in all cases. At one time we had the choice of either suppressing it or showing it as a dotted line. depending on the selection in 'preferences/analysis'. That selection no longer...
  18. SPL calibration not saved (user error? bug?)

    REW Forum
    Greetings. The SPL calibration for my measurement mic is not being saved after I exit REW. I can run the SPL calibration from the meter screen (using a CheckMate SPL meter to measure level at the mic) which turns the red numbers on the meter to white, but if I close REW and open it again the...
  19. Bug when exporting text file for mini dsp on Mac

    REW Forum
    I just discovered a bug when exporting a filter spec (biquad) text file for mini dsp on Mac. I'm running Yosemite, latest version. I think the default file name was minidsp.txt or else I initially named it that. Regardless, REW kept calling it an error every time I tried to save it, saying that...
  20. Bug - freeze on startup

    REW Forum
    Using 5.12. Every once in a while when I start REW the splash screen comes up and goes away as usual and it displays the initial screen, but it freezes at that point indefinitely. I cannot select any of the Menu items and I cannot click X in the top right corner of the window to close it. I...