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  1. Sony VPL-HW45ES projector Replacement bulb

    Home Theater Projectors
    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, but i got the replace bulb/filter today and wanted to know the best option for purchasing a replacement bulb for my Sony VPL-HW45ES projector. The Sony bulb's are around $450-499 ($499 on the Sony site), but i saw some replacement bulbs on...
  2. InFocus IN76 Very Dim Replacement Bulb

    Home Theater Projectors
    I just got a neat InFocus IN76 at a Goodwill thrift store for under $30 USD :) and the bulb that was in it had over 5000 hours on it but still was pretty good. I wanted to get a new bulb so it would be brighter, so I got a bulb and housing online and when I installed it, it is extremely dim...
  3. Projector bulb life

    Home Theater Projectors
    I have a Panasonic AE8000, and I am at 4700 hours of bulb life (12 months old), and I am not seeing the bulb warning indicator come on yet. I was told it comes on @ 400 hours prior to end of life. Does anyone know how the Projectors screen saver mode effects bulb life? I ask this because when I...
  4. Epson 8350 Ebay Bulb Unique Gray Screen

    DIY Screens
    I thought I would give something back here been 3 years probably from my last post. I painted my screen unique gray or whatever its called 3 years ago. Never happy with the white's cause like Mech and Harp have said there is no magical formula to get the whites and the blacks the way you want...
  5. EPSON 8350 Bulb died, OEM or aftermarket?

    Home Theater Projectors
    I just started looking for a replacement bulb for my 8350 and I am seeing bulbs all over the place ranging from $40 to $250. I'm assuming some are not the factory units and different brand. Anyone try the cheaper bulbs? I don't wanna do this twice so if I have to I'll buy the factory bulb.
  6. Urgent- replacement bulb needed asap!

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hello, I live in the Minneapolis suburbs and need to buy a replacement bulb asap for the superbowl party today. It's an infocus bulb and has 4014 hours.... How much longer do you think it has? I've tried calling Menards, Best Buy, Office Max, and nobody has bulbs in store... Does anyone know...
  7. Help with Epson 8700UB Bulb

    System Setup and Connection
    Members - hoping someone can help me out... Finally had to replace the bulb on my Epson 8700 UB due to brightness dropping...after the swap I now see a pinkish band across the bottom of the image...I have removed and reseated the new bulb... Has anyone experienced this before? The bulb was an...
  8. Samsung DLP HLS5686WX -- No Picture, Bulb On

    Yesterday my Samsung SLS5686WX DLP TV screen went completely dark and did not respond to remote commands although the green lights on the front indicated they were being received. The light was shining through the back vents so it apparently is not a bulb issue (the bulb stays on until...
  9. bulb popped... it's that normal?

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi all, I have an Epson 9700ub and as I was watching it tonight the bulb popped, made my wife jump, the screen went black(of course) and the red led turned on. This is after noticing the brightness drop dramatically yesterday and today. The color in thx mode was very green as well. I had it in...
  10. HLS6187W no picture, bulb & sound are fine

    Samsung HL-S6187W. The only thing that is different/wrong is I have no picture, just a black screen. It otherwise works normally. Front power LED & powerup sound are normal. I can see light from the main bulb leaking out the back of the unit and hear the cooling fan. I can hear sound from...
  11. Black (pixel?) spots on screen

    General Service and Technical Information
    Hello, I noticed about a month ago that there was a couple of black/purple pixel spots on the projected image, but due to their numbers, they did not bother me too much. However they have multiplied in numbers over the last few days and it's beginning to disrupt ones viewing pleasure. I have...
  12. First time bulb replacement - Epson 8350

    Home Theater Projectors
    OK. I bought the Epson 8350 Powerlite Home Cinema 8350 almost two years ago and the bulb went out with a bang last night. How long should it last? Not even two years seems awefully short for such an important component. Any suggestions on where to buy a high-quality, compatible bulb or...
  13. Pt 4000 bulb death warning signs

    Home Theater Projectors
    I've managed to wear out my bulb, with the help of my family and friends, of course, and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced the symptoms I am. First the replace lamp sign appeared, and disappeared. Now it doesn't go away, and the PJ turns itself off after 10 minutes or so of use. I'm a...
  14. Do picture settings affect bulb life on DLP?

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hello! I have a Mitsubishi HC4000 DLP, and I'm a new projector owner. I've learned a lot since I've bought it, but there are a few things I'm not entirely clear on. My question is: Do the "brightness" or "contrast" settings affect the bulb in any way? I have Economy mode on (dimmer...
  15. anyone ever try a led bulb conversion

    Home Theater Projectors
    i'm using a older infocus sp4805 with a ;paint on screen paint kit at 96" wide screen. lamps are wicked pricey and the off shore lamps don't work that great in this projector anyway. i have tried several and they all do the same , after about 100 hours will not start right away. so i'm just...
  16. Epson 6100 bulb explodes... glass flying?

    Home Theater Projectors
    My son and I are home sick this week so we were catching up on Malcolm in the Middle on Netflix. Without warning, "POP" and the room goes dark. We turned everything off, turned the lights on, and noticed there was silver glass dust coating the black sofa directly below the PJ. Weird. The...
  17. Need new PJL-5015 bulb for Yamaha LPX-500

    Home Theater Projectors
    Anyone know where to find this at a decent price and good quality? Is a rebuilt one a bad way to go? I don't know what I don't know. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  18. Benq 8700 bulb

    AV Home Theater
    I have been very pleased with my used Benq 8700, it has provided a very satisfying picture. I started to notice a couple of weeks ago that I have to fiddle with the controls to try and get a good picture and lately I can’t get close to what it once was. It seems too dark and if I raise the...
  19. FS: Xl2100u bulb for sony / panasonic / mitsubishi rptv

    Classifieds - Video Displays and Projectors
    My mistake, your gain. I ordered the wrong bulb for my Sony (KDF60XBR800) and between the re-shipping and re-stocking fees, it's just better to sell it and let someone else gain. Brand new in the box, still sealed. Fits the Following Sonys as well as some Panasonic and Mitsubishi not listed...
  20. Infocus LP290 bulb,

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi folks! I have just been given an infocus lp290 and when I first switch on it lights up and the logo shows on the screen but it turns itself off after a few seconds. Do I need a new lamp?? regards ron.