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  1. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Halo studio stakes claim on "New Monarchy," "Dead Orbit," "Osiris," "Seven Seraphs," possibly signaling the moniker for its upcoming Activision project. Few games are as anticipated as Bungie's next project, its first new franchise since Halo that will unfurl under the auspices of Activision...
  2. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Bungie Punishes 15,000 Halo: Reach Cheaters Players who exploited a workaround to gain cheap credits are now getting their credits wiped clean. By Kris Pigna, 10/02/2010 If you think you've figured out a sneaky way to get...
  3. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Bungie “probably the last remaining high quality independent developer,” says Kotick September 20th, 2010 By Johnny Cullen This ain’t going to swallow well. Activision president Bobby Kotick...
1-3 of 25 Results